Sunday, January 25, 2009


this is a strange feeling. i have officially been too busy to blog. i've got a lot going on, lots of interesting things coming up and works in progress, but none of it is quite congealed enough to be blogging about at this moment in time.

it's a good feeling, being so busy. during law school, i felt like i had put doing anything for my own personal edification on the back burner. i started crawling out of that a little bit when i was taking voice lessons and singing in the wash u choir, but even so, whenever i was not at practice i felt like my life was subsumed by two things: law school, or performing the necessary escape from law school.

then, i moved back to chicago. i was studying for the bar, settling back into my new old home, but putting any kind of long-term projects on the back burner until i started working. then, i started working. i put any attempts to get involved in anything on the back burner until work started to pick up. after a few months of working, and work not getting very busy yet, i was still spending my nights and weekends occasionally tinkering with things but mostly just gazing out into space.

then, about the time when i was starting to get really sick of my little plan to hold off on involvement in many things until i felt like i had the hang of my work schedule, i fell into pumping station: one, the hackerspace being planned here in chicago. it's going swimmingly...we're a registered nonprofit, we've got some great leads on some spaces to occupy, and we've got a great group of people who are dedicated to making this happen.

however, there has been a benefit to me above and beyond being so close to having a space to get together and play on things: being involved in something i feel so excited about is making me feel excited about everything else going on in my life. it's a lot easier to get excited about things when there's at least one facet of my life that's going somewhere completely new. i can''t put my finger on it...but the excitement about the hackerspace is percolating everywhere. if i'm having a good day at work, it's even better. if i'm having a bad day at work, i can distract myself with thoughts of hackerspace planning and plotting. i have peopple i've known for years in my life, and i have interesting new people in my life.

maybe it's just the confluence of the old and the new...i feel like i am navigating new territory for the first time in a long time, and that's bleeding through and making all of the territory i'm navigating way cooler.

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