Friday, January 30, 2009

caving to the pressures of teh interwebstubes...

the twenty-five things meme has been going around facebook like wildfire, and i've been tagged several times. here goes nothing--twenty-five facts about me.

i won't tag anyone for it. if you want to share twenty-five things about yourself, go ahead. if not, then don't. :)
  1. i identify as female, but i absolutely love when i am mistaken for a man. thanks to my buzzcut and my jeans-and-a-t-shirt wardrobe, this happens regularly.
  2. i ended up on crutches once as a result of doing the hokey pokey. i was eleven years old. i was doing it on rollerskates, and when clapping for the "that's what it's all about", i wanted to lift my leg and clap under it on the second-to-last clap in the phrase. i lost my balance, fell wrong, sprained my ankle, and ended up on crutches.
  3. i love reading advice columns, and i really, really miss writing my own: the end of my second year of law school and all through my third year, i wrote the romance and dating advice column in the Wash U student newspaper.
  4. no song sums up my life experience and outlook quite as well as "the way you like it" by adema. that fact was true back in 2001 when it came out, and it's just as true today.
  5. i sat alone at lunch every day in ninth grade.
  6. i had to give up my blue hair back in september, when i started my job, and i haven't quite felt like myself since. it has been almost five months, and i still get confused when i look in the mirror and see less weirdly coloured hair.
  7. i have only been out of north america once: back in 2000 when i went to paris for a week. however, i plan to leave the continent twice in 2009: once for hacking at random [in the netherlands] in august, and again for chaos communication congress [in germany] in december.
  8. i don't know german, so these trips should be interesting. i'll try to learn as much as i can between now and then, but i'll still be flying almost blind.
  9. i have two tattoos. i've got a chicago flag on the back of my left shoulder, which i got in the spring of 2007. i've also got the characters <3 in courier font, outlined in black and filled in with the colours of the bi pride flag, on my left side at about waist level. i just got that one done about a month and a half ago.
  10. i have way too much confidence in my singing abilities, and way too little confidence in my abilities at anything else.
  11. the obvious entertains me greatly. i find very few things funnier than people earnestly restating the obvious. my deep and abiding love of the obvious, more than anything else, inspires me when i write News Crack Smokers Can Use--because really, what is more obvious than the stupidity of what crack smokers do to make the news?
  12. i had a sickeningly squeaky and fangirly website about the verve pipe and matchbox20 when i was a teenager. no, it's not still on the internet. yes, there are vestiges of it hanging around on no, i'm not posting the link to those vestiges.
  13. this is my favourite prank call of all time.
  14. i'm uncomfortable being in a position of authority over anyone. i'm fine being at the bottom rung of a hierarchy, but any higher and i get very nervous.
  15. i still like potty humour far more than i should. in that respect, i'm a 13-year-old boy trapped in a 26-year-old chick's body.
  16. r.j. fletcher was right--i'd much rather be called a chick than a broad.
  17. despite being american, i like using british-style spellings like colour, flavour, and neighbour.
  18. when i was a kid, i wanted to be the president. the older i got, the more i realised that my views made me completely unelectable, and that i was not willing to change my views or lie about them in order to get votes. i realised that i would not be running for any political office, much less president.
  19. i take karaoke far too seriously. i only sing silly things when i'm sick or otherwise in bad voice. when i'm in decent-to-good voice, i only sing things that i feel that i perform well. luckily, this is a pretty wide range of stuff, but it blocks out a lot of the rock music that i love to listen to...since my voice is not well suited to rock music.
  20. i will kick your ass at scrabble and trivial pursuit.
  21. you will kick my ass at civilization and settlers of catan.
  22. i like books with stories and characters i can relate to...and the older i get, the more i realise that my life is a chapter out of a douglas coupland novel.
  23. i love prank calling strangers for entertainment purposes. however, i hate calling strangers for business purposes. i feel pushy, like i'm imposing on them.
  24. i quote beavis and butt-head way too often for my own good, and find the word "dillhole" extremely fun to say.
  25. the first interesting and useful computer program i ever wrote was a college basketball game predictor that i wrote in eighth grade. it was far better at picking the ncaa tournament than almost any real person i knew. i wish i still had a copy of this program, but i don't.

so, that's it. now you know a few more random things about me than you used to. don't you feel edified?

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