Sunday, December 28, 2008


i'm on the megabus, travelling from dc to new york. this bus has wi-fi on it, which makes me absurdly happy. the megabuses in the midwest never had wi-fi...or, at least, not as of may of this year, which was the last time i took the megabus. traffic hasn't snarled up too badly yet, which is good. then again, i keep feeling that it's only a matter of time before it does, since i'm still a good fifty miles out of new york city.

dc was awesome. i hung out with c4bl3fl4m3 for four days. during that time, there were two parties--a smaller dinner on christmas night, and a bigger gathering last night. both were extremely fun, and i met many interesting people at both of them.

friday night, the two of us also learned a lesson that will serve us well from now on: do not, under any circumstances, turn super mario brothers 3 into a drinking game. sure, getting through the first world or two is no big deal, but when you hit the first really hard level and knock back a shot every time you die, you are going to be very drunk, and very hung over the next morning. bad, bad, bad idea.

alright...i should probably wind this down, since i have been on my computer for a while and the battery is dwindling away. [next upgrade for megabus should be plugs at every seat!] who knows how much i'll be blogging from new york city, but needless to say, i'll be causing lots of awesome trouble with the epically snuggly Rob, and life will be good.

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