Tuesday, December 02, 2008

thanksgiving week picspam <3

so, i took a few pictures during the time Rob was in town. :) wanna see?

it's not a real visit unless we take snuggly pictures on the train.

see Rob plot.

see nicky plot.

see Rob and nicky plot to dissect cow eyes.

aren't we cute tumbling around in the plane engine?

my favourite hacker in the whole wide world is plotting something again.

57th street metra underpass rickroll!

i took Rob to his very first karaoke night, at the Hidden Cove, on Friday night!

they had legos at cafe neo. Rob made a computer out of his. clearly, this is VERY SRS BSNS.

of course, these aren't nearly all of the pictures. if you want to see the rest of them, they're all in this album.

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Sidepocket said...

I love Rob's look in the second to last photo. Sums up my entire feelings of Karaoke.