Monday, December 08, 2008

a paean to clippers

i am never getting my hair cut with scissors again.

when i go to the salon, i always have the same thing happen over and over again:
  1. i ask the stylist to cut my hair to somewhere between .5" and .75" all around.
  2. they cut my hair with scissors.
  3. it's still too long, so i tell them that, and they have to cut all my hair again.
  4. after another go-round with the scissors, it's still too long, but there's not a whole lot else that they can do with scissors, and i feel bad making them try to snip away at my hair a third time.
  5. i leave the salon disappointed that my freshly-cut hair is still not short enough for my liking.

yesterday, i had a revelation. the stylist buzzed my hair with clippers. my experience went a little something like this:

  1. i ask the stylist to cut my hair to .5"-.75" all around.
  2. the stylist pulls out the clippers, and suggests a #4 (.5") on the sides, a #6 (.75") on top, and a #5 (.625") to blend the sides into the top.
  3. the stylist cuts my hair once around, with the proper settings on the clippers.
  4. i look in the mirror, and notice that after one cut with the clippers, my hair is nice and short--looking exactly how i wanted it to look all along.
  5. i leave the salon with a big smile on my face.

now i know why my guy friends often opt for the clippers and describe their hair lengths in terms of the numbers on the clippers. there's no room for guesstimation or variance in hair length--the stylist puts the proper clipper length attachment on, the stylist buzzes off the hair, and the hair is the proper length.

verdict? hair clippers rule.

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