Tuesday, December 09, 2008

no more Rod For Us?

yes, it's all over both the mainstream media and the blogosphere--my governor is a dumbass. he has already been under fire for corruption. he has been under investigation for corruption. he knew he was under investigation, since it has been all over the front covers of the newspapers for months upon months. and, while he knew he was under investigation for political corruption, he tried to sell a senate seat.

i didn't think people could be quite this stupid. i was wrong.

the criminal complaint is a hoot. it's long, but it's such a funny read. it goes into all kinds of detail about the threats, extortion, and bribery schemes Dear Old Rod thought he could get away with. the most entertaining thing about the complaint is the fact that his name is in all capital letters every single time it pops up. the more his name is repeated in all capital letters, the funnier it gets. consider this choice excerpt:

Later in the May 12, 2004 recorded call, Cellini asked Levine “did he tell you, too, that the big guy said Rosenberg means nothing to him.” Levine testified that he understood Cellini to be stating that Cellini had been told by Rezko that ROD BLAGOJEVICH (the “big guy”) was aware of the extortion, that Rosenberg meant nothing to ROD BLAGOJEVICH, and that Cellini was asking if Levine was told something similar about ROD BLAGOJEVICH.

and, seriously. "the big guy"? they still do that in real life? if i didn't know any better, i'd assume this pleading was, in fact, a script for a trashy mob movie.


Eric Allix Rogers said...

Free my Rod!

nicolle said...

i want WHAT A ROD.

that's hysterical.