Thursday, December 04, 2008

massages and strange phone calls

it's only two thirty, and it has already been a weird day at work. not bad weird...just weird weird.

i've had quite a bit of work to do today, which is good. i can't go into more detail than that for obvious reasons, but things have been getting busier, which is making me far happier at work.

this morning, the fitness centre in the building [which i've still been too much of a lazy-ass to actually join...] had free massage day. it kicked could go down there and have a five-minute chair massage, just like that. i didn't even know it was going on until they circulated an email about twenty minutes beforehand, but i signed right up and had an unexpected back massage. my back has been really tight these last couple days, so it definitely helped.

i got back from my massage, and i had a voice-mail. as a new attorney, i don't get all that much voice-mail, so i was on alert. i listened to the message. the message was appropriately vague, and i wasn't even sure it was for me because the person leaving the message was speaking so fast that it sounded like "hello, garbled." still, i took down the number, and set it aside to call them back [and figure out who it actually was...] in a little while, when i wasn't quite so busy with the project i was working on.

it turns out the call was from a headhunter.

i had always read about getting calls from headhunters. be it in dilbert comics, legal profession blogs, or other such places, i was familiar with the concept of getting cold-called by legal recruiters. still, i assumed it wouldn't happen for a while, between the fact that i'm a brand-spanking-new associate and the fact that the economy is in the toilet. lawyers are getting laid off everywhere--not placed. but, despite this, i am already getting calls from bankruptcy lawyer headhunters.

i was cordial. they asked me if i was content at work, and i made clear that i am. the conversation did not last very long, because i made it quickly obvious that my head is not currently interested in being hunted by anyone but my current employer.

still, i would be a liar to say that i don't find it hilarious that i'm already getting called by legal recruiters after just three months on the job. i bet it'll get annoying after a while, but right now i'm thoroughly entertained.

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Taryn said...

SEND THEM TO ME! i need a job.