Friday, December 19, 2008


everything's covered in snow!

it's gorgeous and awesome, but it highlighted something that my wardrobe lacks: boots made for inclement weather. i was walking down the mostly-unshoveled sidewalks gingerly, hoping to get as little snow as possible into my work shoes. of course, this didn't work out so well. the street corners were the worst, though--every single one of them had huge puddles of dirty slush, puddles so big that you'd have to walk halfway down the block to avoid them. since the el was running late anyway, i just had to slink through the puddles, hope i picked the shallowest part, and deal with the consequences. sometimes i picked something shallow...and, sometimes, it was several inches deep and my foot was submerged in the muck.

but, next time it snows, i will be ready. ohhhhhh, i will be ready. i will be ready with tall, steel-toed, heavy-duty rubber military-surplus galoshes.

bring the snow on.

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