Thursday, December 11, 2008

facebook shakedown

oh, facebook. first you take "pornographic" out of the choices for ad tagging, so i have to type it in the "other" box every time that i want to tag an ad for engagement rings or Oprah's Latest Acai Berry Diet.

and, now, you've moved on from posting ads aimed at getting women to demand engagement rings and promise rings to ads aimed at getting people to satisfy that fabricated demand for fear of losing them:

if this doesn't sound like a threat of "Buy Her Jewelry Or Else", i don't know what does.

although, i guess i have to give facebook a smidgen of credit this time...i was logged in on my own account when i saw this ad, so instead of blasting this dross at just men, they must instead be sending these ads to people, regardless of gender, who list "women" as one of their entries in the "interested in" field. yay progress, i guess?

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