Monday, December 08, 2008

doctors for jews for jesus

i was reading the new york times this morning, catching up on all kinds of SRS BSNS NEWS, and i encountered the strangest ad i've seen in a long time.

has Jews for Jesus finally decided that they're going to go for respectable-looking ads instead of those crudely hand-drawn pamphlets that the people were always handing out next to the University of Chicago bookstore back in the day? if so, that may help the perceived legitimacy of their cause, but i doubt that claiming that Jews for Jesus is "more important than a cure for cancer" is going to help much.

i'm not saying doctors shouldn't be religious. what i am saying is that showing a doctor proclaiming that Jews for Jesus is more important than a cancer cure is unnecessary hyperbole that delegitimizes both the depicted doctor and the movement for which the doctor is shilling. i think the ad is trying to say that finding religion is an extremely important thing, and that Jews for Jesus isn't as crazy as they get a rap for being, because respectable, professional people have turned to them. that's not quite how the ad comes off, though. it sounds like the ad is saying that it doesn't really matter whether cancer in this life is cured or not, as long as people find Jews for Jesus to save them in the afterlife.

in other words, i see what the person(s) responsible for crafting the ad campaign were trying to do; they just didn't do it very well.


Jews for Jesus said...

If it's true, and Jesus is who He said He is, then the ad did exactly what it was intended to do, you said it yourself, that having assurance of eternal life is more important than a cure for cancer. What do you think about Jesus?

nicolle said...

i dispute your presumption that jesus is who he said he is. i don't believe him to be the son of God, and i don't believe him to be the only way to a good relationship with God.

furthermore, i find it professionally irresponsible for a doctor to find religion to be more important than finding a cure for disease. curing disease and easing suffering in this life is a doctor's mission. this life is what we know we have--whether there's a life after this is up for debate, and we'll figure that out later. for now, millions of people are suffering from cancer, and the most important thing for a doctor to do for those millions of suffering cancer patients is to find a cure for cancer.

Rob said...

I must point out that even if a doctor does find his faith more personally important than his work as a doctor, it is simply not his place to use his work as a doctor to market his faith. Doing so is unprofessional at best, and extremely sleazy at worst.

This ad reflects badly on anything this person could possibly have done as a doctor, as well as the religious organization he appears to represent.