Thursday, December 11, 2008


after work yesterday, i went to the chicago bar association's young lawyers' division holiday party. on the way, though, i had a very fun detour. on the way to the party, i passed by the Rock Records store, on Washington between Wells and LaSalle. they must be going out of business or something, because everything in the store was 70% off. so, i went in there and did what any good citizen would do: purchased three Meat Loaf albums. the combination of this, and the fact that the back of my debit card is rather worn, led to the following entertaining exchange between me and the record store clerks:

clerk #1: can i see your ID?
me: sure. thanks for's probably good to make sure it's actually me, and that some random guy didn't steal my debit card and use it to buy an obscene amount of Meat Loaf.
clerk #2: oh, i've seen obscener.
clerk #1: this conversation would have a completely different meaning if we were at a deli.

i can't decide what was more entertaining: that conversation, or the fact that i left the record store with three shiny new Meat Loaf albums for $14.

finally, i did get to the holiday party. i ran into a few random people from law school and met a few new people, but spent most of the weekend drinking wine and chit-chatting with the foof. at the party, there was a raffle for some restaurant gift certificates. it was one was listening, so they just kept drawing tickets until someone who was not too drunk to notice actually heard their number called and claimed the ticket. thanks to this, they eventually did get to my raffle number, and i ended up scoring a $50 gift certificate--which we immediately took to Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba and spent on lots of yummy tapas and sangria. the baked goat cheese was especially amazing, and the next time i go there it's going to be extremely difficult not to just get a bunch of that. also, it had been far, far, far too long since i had just spent a night hanging out with kevin...which is a tragedy, and it needs to happen far more often.

in short, last night was awesome.

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