Friday, December 05, 2008

chicago 2600

i'm at 2600 right now. it's a small crowd this month, but cool people are here, and it's probably the most fun meeting i've been to since i started attending 2600 meetings.

i'm frustrated because i can't ssh into my box at home. it's my fault for being stupid--i should have made sure the port was still open, and that the dynamic ip hadn't reset itself. i hadn't checked that in about a month, because i hadn't had the need. i should have checked. i didn't, so i can't access the data on my main computer--which means i cannot access the program i wanted to work on from here.

[what kind of program? that's for me to know and you to find out...maybe...if i decide to tell you.]

however, all kinds of awesome has transpired, enough that i can almost get over my idiocy and my inability to access my program.

first off, i found out about unetbootin, which is a program that makes bootable usb sticks of linux distributions. this is awesome, because the process of manually making bootable usb sticks is a royal pain in the ass. i've killed several perfectly good usb sticks while trying to make them live...and, even if i didn't kill them, i still couldn't boot from them. in other words, i was full of fail. apparently i'm not the only one who finds that process to be a total pain in the ass, so it's exciting to have a program to help me make them now.

secondly, it turns out that planning meetings for a chicago hackerspace have started! i knew there were rumblings about it when i was at 2600 two months ago, but it's actually happening. meetings are tuesday evenings at 7pm, at mercury cafe...i know what i'm doing on tuesday nights from here on out!

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