Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the bisexual quiz

i was watching the llama song this morning, and one of the google text ads below the video was rather ridiculous:

The Bi Sexual Quiz
Are you Bi Sexual? Take the Bi Sexual Quiz & See if you are Bi

ummm...we'll leave the bad grammar aside for now. the last time i checked, i don't think anyone needed to click on any little online quiz to tell them whether they're bi, gay, straight, or any other sexual identity. it's a very personal decision.

then again, if [for some ridiculous reason] i had to write a quiz for the purpose of figuring out if they're bisexual or not, it would be pretty short and simple:
  1. are you sexually interested in both males and females?
  2. are you comfortable with the label "bisexual"?
if you answered yes to these questions, there's a pretty good chance you are bisexual. if not, there's a pretty good chance you are not bisexual.

sigh. internets.

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