Sunday, November 16, 2008

the weekend

i've had a pretty busy weekend.


friday night, i went out with jabberwockeyes. we went to exquisite city, a really cool urban-themed art exhibit. it has various city blocks and window scenes, mostly made of cardboard. we spent over an hour in there exploring, looking at all of the interesting details in the scenes. here are some of my favourite pictures from the exhibit:

the rest of my pictures are in this album. most of them are pictures from the exhibit, although the last few are some cool shots that i got when we walked back down belmont from western ave. back into lakeview.

exquisite city runs until December 12 at the viaduct theatre [3111 n. western ave.], and i suggest you go if you get a chance.


saturday, i attended the protest against proposition 8. it was amazing when i arrived...the plaza around the picasso sculpture at adams and dearborn was full of people...people in rainbow flags, people with signs, people who just wanted to show their support for everyone's right to get married, regardless of gender or sexuality. the speaking was what you'd expect from a protest, but that really wasn't the point. the point was the fact that the issue is something important enough to fill that plaza and the streets around it with people who were passionate enough to care, passionate enough to show up on a cold saturday afternoon. the sea of people moved me to tears.

i didn't take as many pictures as i hoped to, because my camera battery kicked the bucket pretty early. however, the rest of the ones i took are all in this album.

however, even more exciting than the actual planned rally was the march afterwards. after the speeches were done, we marched. we marched north on dearborn to monroe, then east to michigan, and up to michigan and madison on the sidewalks. then, we took over the streets. we walked on the streets east to lasalle, north to randolph, east to clark. we were at the state of illinois building for a short while, but then went north to wacker, east to michigan avenue, and then all the way up michigan avenue to oak street, and back south again to wacker, down to state and lake again. it was amazing to see stuffy old michigan avenue on a prime shopping saturday, full of people chanting and carrying signs about the right to equal marriage. what was heartening was when people on the sidewalks and in the cars smiled, waved, and signaled their agreement with the cause. that was heartening.


today...well, today wasn't all that busy. i don't have any pictures, because that would be boring. i was asleep until after 1pm, and i went to target this afternoon. now i'm doing laundry.

every day can't be interesting, i guess.


Eric Allix Rogers said...

Well, I'm jealous. I've been wanting to see Exquisite City, and I also wish I had made it to the protest. I'm glad it went so well.

nicolle said...

you still have plenty of time to see exquisite city--it's here until December 12! you'd love it.

Sidepocket said...

I am sooo fucking pissed I overslept. I hope there will be more of these. -,-;