Thursday, November 13, 2008

shmoo part two

it's all set.

i officially have my flight to shmoocon, and the hotel room. i'll be in dc from the night of thursday, february 5 until the evening of monday, february 9. i'll be staying at the wardman park marriott, the hotel where the con is happening.


note to anyone who is going--you can get some dirt-cheap fares on southwest airlines if you're willing to take the bus into town from BWI. it's not a bad bus ride, and it's worth it for cheaper plane fares.

another note to anyone who is going--right now, hotel prices on are ten bucks a night cheaper than the advertised con-block rate. as such, it's probably a good idea to book there now instead of holding out for a special con-block room.


Chris said...

In the interest of full disclosure, that's not in downtown DC.

nicolle said...

thanks. :) i did know that...i lived in dc for three months, and still remember the city fairly well.

my bus-and-train-fu will get me there.

altalp/amy said...

I wish i had read this post sooner, would have saved me some money on flight AND hotel. :(

nicolle said...

awww, i'm sorry. :(

but, does that mean that you are coming to shmoocon? :D

altalp/amy said...

Yep, ill be there. I didnt buy a ticket for the con tho. Im just going to hang out with the other losers who didnt get one.

nicolle said...

sweet! shmoo's going to be awesome...and even though i have a ticket, i'm starting to think that my workshop attendance rate at shmoo is going to be just about as pitiful as it was at HOPE.