Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sanity in connecticut

yay for connecticut, and congrats to all the happy couples!

and, a message to the idiot in the article who said that this was a judicial coup and that there needed to be a referendum of the people on the issue? there was. if you remember correctly, sir, last week there was a ballot referendum asking whether there would be a constitutional convention in connecticut. you and your ilk made it more than clear that if the consitutional convention passed, you'd use that to put an anti-same-sex-marriage amendment into the connecticut constitution. you publicized it, and the people of the state of connecticut knew when they went to the ballot box that a "yes" vote on the constitutional convention meant they had their chance to reject the supreme court's opinion.

that vote failed. you and your ilk lost, sir. the people of connecticut had their say, and they said a resounding no to your proposal.


Sidepocket said...

I was in the WBAI broadcast station when you got on air, I knew but you fooled everyone. Rob did turn turnip red when you announced his birthday. Mission accomplished. :3

nicolle said...

hahaha...i'm surprised i fooled anyone. it wasn't particularly subtle. then again, nothing i do is particularly subtle, ever.

but...the fact that Rob blushed like crazy means that mission was definitely accomplished. :D