Monday, November 24, 2008

i'm officially the most annoying person ever.

Rob and i were talking about Rob being a clueless n00b tourist here in Chicago, and the following exchange ensued:

Rob: is that the Space Needle? next to Mount Rushmore?
me: no...that's one of the rainbow-coloured boys town pylons, next to the drag queen supply store. and remember, we've already been to the drag queen supply store. that's Beatnix.
Rob: you've already deprived a drag queen of his concertina.

yes. that's right. yesterday, i found a little concertina in a drag-queen-supply-slash-thrift store. a concertina is basically a small accordion, with note buttons instead of piano-style keys. and, to the eventual chagrin of my dearly beloved and ever-so-foofy roommate, i bought it.

i'm a strange one.

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