Sunday, November 09, 2008

i did stuff!

this morning, i raided circuit city's store closing sale, and scored a digital camera [with a functioning flash, unlike my other one], a computer headset [with a wire that is fully insulated, and not shorting out], and headphones for my ipod [again, with wires that are fully insulated and not crackling in my ears.]

then, i went to a yarn store. i bought some awesome red wool yarn, took it home, and started crocheting. i'm now almost done making a new scarf.

i then put rockbox, some open-source firmware, onto my iPod. interacting with the default iTunes firmware from anything other than iTunes sucks. i've been using gtkpod since i switched to linux earlier this year, but even that was spottily reliable, at best.

all in all, this has been a pretty productive day.

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