Wednesday, November 05, 2008

halloween pictures!

i promised them, and here they finally are...halloween pictures! :)

what does our friend Harpo [played by the awesome Rob] see?

Harpo sees someone to mock, of course!


i bet Aragorn [Matt] never thought he'd have to swordfight against a guy with a honking cane.

Aragorn from the fantasy world meets Mii [Sidepocket] from the pixellated one.

some random guys in the crowd dressed as a plug and an, that's not suggestive at all!

Harpo, meet Harpo!
[and my Harpo's funnier than their Harpo...not to mention cuter!]

hello, do you know me??? [W-H-A-M-M-Y]

if elected, i will raise your taxes! hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

it's not a visit to new york without some snuggling on the LIRR.

of course, these are not all the pictures. it's only about half of them; the rest of the ones that actually turned out are in this album.


sabrebutt said...

Awesome whammy costume

nicolle said...

thanks! :)