Sunday, November 30, 2008


Rob has left...maybe.

his flight was running on time when he went through security and i went home. by the time i got home, his flight had been delayed. they boarded the plane, taxied away from the gate, and then went back to the gate and deplaned. they think it'll be an hour, maybe two. there's also a possibility the flight will be cancelled.

if it's cancelled, there aren't any flights out tomorrow.

i'm conflicted. a part of me feels terrible, since the flights are all messed up and he's going to be either really, really tired in new york tomorrow or he's going to have to explain to his boss that he's stuck out of town for a couple days, and miss some more work. another part of me would really love to have him here for another day or two, since i absolutely love being with him and i won't be seeing him again for another four weeks.

either way, this is exactly why i'm so annoyed that friends can't go through security and accompany passengers at the gate anymore.

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Sidepocket said...

At least Rob is a little short fun bald man and not a terrorist looking child molester like some other people...