Tuesday, November 04, 2008

election day

it's tuesday, november 4...election day, if you're in the states.

if you've already voted absentee, early, or you got up at the crack of dawn and have already voted today...awesome. ♥

if you haven't voted yet, make sure you do that today. do it before school or work. do it on your lunch break. make sure you get out early enough and do it afterwards. find your polling place, check the hours, and go. stand in line if you need to.

our representative democracy boils down to days like today. on other days, non-election days, there is still plenty of political work that can be done...discussing issues and sharing your opinion with fellow citizens and with elected officials. but, today we decide who is actually put in office.

no one on the ballot is perfect, but it's almost impossible that anyone on the ballot will perfectly reflect your personal vision for the country. at least in illinois, there are seven candidates for president on the ballot, and then others for state and local offices. there is someone on the ballot who is more likely than the others to bring america closer to your vision for it, or who agrees with you more than the others on issues that matter to you. identify them and vote for them. if you're disappointed with all of them, write someone in and work to get someone on the ballot next cycle who does share your vision. being disappointed with all the candidates, major party or otherwise, is still no excuse not to vote.

today we decide the decision-makers. vote...or lose your right to complain about the actions of the people in power. it's what we do today that puts them there, so if you did nothing you may say nothing.

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