Friday, November 07, 2008

dumb dora was so dumb...

how did i not know that Brett Somers was married to Jack Klugman? that's terrific. that's dynamite.

in other marginally Brett Somers-related news, the Match Game party is tonight! :D i am playing Brett...i still need to figure out what i'm going to wear. i also don't have any huge honking glasses, although i may try to fix that if i have enough time after work.

here's hoping i can somewhere find the capacity to be witty, pithy...and extra-snarky toward our beloved Charles Nelson Reilly, played by The Foof.


xinpheld said...

how did the party go? I must know how you went about this awesome idea!

nicolle said...

it went brilliantly, although i think i took my role as brett somers a little too much to heart--that is, to say, that i got significantly more inebriated than i should have. still, the crowd got into it a whole lot as contestants, and it went smoothly--my roommate prepared a bunch of old questions from the actual match game for us to answer.