Tuesday, November 11, 2008

alarm clocks

most of the spam e-mail i get advertises penis pills, government grants, and fake online degrees. so, you can imagine that it sounded like a breath of fresh air to see an e-mail in my spam box with the following headline:

The best alarm-clock for your male friend that will wake him up easily.

really? an alarm-clock? could they really be trying to sell me electronics? and, if so...had engineers finally devised an alarm clock that would wake up men, but not women? this could be a fascinating breakthrough! it was clearly worth at least one little click:

All the strength of Viagra and Cialis, in half the time, and afraction of the cost!

Stop spending hundreds of dollars on a few pills, save time try Erectifix to see how well it can improve your sex life, on so many levels!

Just one small strip 10 minutes before the fun starts, and the magic begins!

correct me if i'm wrong, oh wise male friends who read this blog, but you probably wouldn't like it very much if i [or anyone] tried to wake you up by slipping a strip of counterfeit erectile dysfunction medication in your mouth.

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