Sunday, November 30, 2008

flights, revisited

looks like Rob is on his way back to new york.

i hope he's having a safe flight...and i can't wait to see him again for new year's. <3


Rob has left...maybe.

his flight was running on time when he went through security and i went home. by the time i got home, his flight had been delayed. they boarded the plane, taxied away from the gate, and then went back to the gate and deplaned. they think it'll be an hour, maybe two. there's also a possibility the flight will be cancelled.

if it's cancelled, there aren't any flights out tomorrow.

i'm conflicted. a part of me feels terrible, since the flights are all messed up and he's going to be either really, really tired in new york tomorrow or he's going to have to explain to his boss that he's stuck out of town for a couple days, and miss some more work. another part of me would really love to have him here for another day or two, since i absolutely love being with him and i won't be seeing him again for another four weeks.

either way, this is exactly why i'm so annoyed that friends can't go through security and accompany passengers at the gate anymore.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

lowered expectations

Above The Law is trying its hand at matchmaking.

despite the fact that i've given up on dating lawyers, i'd totally do this if i weren't dating Rob. yeah, it would be a massive train wreck, but it would make such a funny story.

above the law? the legal gossip blog? matchmaking? i hope someone else in the blogosphere picks up the slack here, because this could be hilarious.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

*flushes money away*

Student Loan Payment Day is always bittersweet.

it's happy in that i know i'm chipping away at the mountain of debt i incurred as a result of seven years of postsecondary education, and it's nice to see the balances of my loans go down little by little as i log in to pay them each month.

it's depressing just how much of my money goes toward the loans. yet another one of my law school loans went into repayment for december, and the last one goes into repayment in january. i added it up, and just minimum payments on my loans equal twice my rent.

i know i'm not in nearly as much of a position to complain as many people. despite the fact that the economy sucks, i am employed, and i can pay the loans down with no problem. still, though, it's an expensive burden to have hanging over my head for the next several years. i think about it pretty frequently, and i dread the one day a month where i have to go into my bank account and part with most of the money in my checking account.

i can't wait to have these damned things paid off.

Monday, November 24, 2008

fingering: ur doin it wrong.

i've been completely underwhelmed with bankruptcy bill so far, but have been giving it a shot since it *is* a comic that lampoons something well worth lampooning: specifically, my job.

today's, however, made me cackle. a lot.

[and, for the record, i *do not* get off on my regular fingering of BAPCPA1 provisions.]

1 Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act--a bunch of amendments that were made to the bankruptcy code in 2005. in short, they're all kinds of fucked up, and precisely zero kinds of sexy.

i'm officially the most annoying person ever.

Rob and i were talking about Rob being a clueless n00b tourist here in Chicago, and the following exchange ensued:

Rob: is that the Space Needle? next to Mount Rushmore?
me: no...that's one of the rainbow-coloured boys town pylons, next to the drag queen supply store. and remember, we've already been to the drag queen supply store. that's Beatnix.
Rob: you've already deprived a drag queen of his concertina.

yes. that's right. yesterday, i found a little concertina in a drag-queen-supply-slash-thrift store. a concertina is basically a small accordion, with note buttons instead of piano-style keys. and, to the eventual chagrin of my dearly beloved and ever-so-foofy roommate, i bought it.

i'm a strange one.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


the bad news: my bloggity-blogging is going to be spotty for the next week or so.

the good news: Rob is in chicago!!!! :D *squee*

Friday, November 21, 2008

move to the beat

my printer hums along in 5/4 time.

the machinery makes a quick "ONE-two-three-ONE-two" with each sheet that it spits out. it's i stand there waiting for the entirety of 11 USC 1521 jurisprudence to come flying out of the printer1, i just keep standing there, bobbing my head along to the rhythm.


1 no, i'm not exaggerating--but it's a three-year-old statute, so it's a fairly abbreviated jurisprudence.


it's not that often when you are reading a case where a judge is discussing the intent of a legal definition, and then footnotes to the fact that he helped write the statute in question.

is it just me, or does footnote 3 of this case just seem like Judge Lifland's nice way of saying, "FOOTNOTE: I WROTE THE LAW. I AM RIGHT."?

needless to say, this case was affirmed by the district court on appeal.


generally, i do not enjoy reading about children or babies. i don't like children, so i prefer to spend my internet-surfing time reading things that do not pertain to children. makes sense, right?

so, i was extremely skeptical when taryn linked me to a blog entry where a webcomic writer was talking about her baby. i started reading, though...because things that taryn sends me are usually funny, and taryn knows that i like babies about as much as i like broccoli. i decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.

i'll be damned. i was laughing so hard that tears started running out of my eyes...and that was even before the pictures and the brilliant caption to them.

lesson of the day? my enjoyment of poop-related humour just might trump my hatred of small children. sometimes.

cohesion? what's that?

foofy attorney makes a great point about DRM. go read.

in other news...well, there isn't a lot of other news. i've been busy, and neglecting this thing the last couple days. it's been the good kind of busy, though; i've had interesting work to do.

today is going to go by SO SLOWLY, though. i can feel it. tomorrow Rob is coming to town for NINE DAYS, and i can't, of course, time is going to participate in its conspiracy to make me feel like these last twenty-five hours before he comes in will drag along as long as possible.

can it be saturday, now?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ode to a useful book

dear collier,

i love you. i love you. i love you.

the persecuted crack smoker


slow as it is running, at least lj is back up.

i hope the slowness just stems from the fact that everyone is frantically trying to catch up on lj after the last couple of hours of it being down, and not because the new server is a piece of shit. if it's the latter, i'm going to have to find a different way to read all my blogs, because if it keeps grinding away this slowly, i'm going to have to find a new blog feed aggregator.

that will not make me happy, as i've been reading journal entries and other feeds on my lj friends list for so long that i really don't want to find a new aggregator. i'm used to lj. it's cozy.

chocolate giggles

hmm. i just realised my last post was the 2500th post in the last refuge. how about that?

in other news, i'm drinking my first warm mug of hot chocolate this season. thanks to a story i heard at work last summer, i can't drink hot chocolate with a straight face anymore, especially at work. there's always a little smirk on my face as i sip the chocolatey goodness.

...a smirk, and a silent thanks to the higher power that gave me enough common sense not to steal drawerful after drawerful of delicious hot chocolate.

Monday, November 17, 2008

be busy, leave happy

i had a fairly busy day today. it's quite a wonder, what a positive effect that has on my mood.

computer geeks

wargames-related successories for the win.

my favourite among them?


Sunday, November 16, 2008

the weekend

i've had a pretty busy weekend.


friday night, i went out with jabberwockeyes. we went to exquisite city, a really cool urban-themed art exhibit. it has various city blocks and window scenes, mostly made of cardboard. we spent over an hour in there exploring, looking at all of the interesting details in the scenes. here are some of my favourite pictures from the exhibit:

the rest of my pictures are in this album. most of them are pictures from the exhibit, although the last few are some cool shots that i got when we walked back down belmont from western ave. back into lakeview.

exquisite city runs until December 12 at the viaduct theatre [3111 n. western ave.], and i suggest you go if you get a chance.


saturday, i attended the protest against proposition 8. it was amazing when i arrived...the plaza around the picasso sculpture at adams and dearborn was full of people...people in rainbow flags, people with signs, people who just wanted to show their support for everyone's right to get married, regardless of gender or sexuality. the speaking was what you'd expect from a protest, but that really wasn't the point. the point was the fact that the issue is something important enough to fill that plaza and the streets around it with people who were passionate enough to care, passionate enough to show up on a cold saturday afternoon. the sea of people moved me to tears.

i didn't take as many pictures as i hoped to, because my camera battery kicked the bucket pretty early. however, the rest of the ones i took are all in this album.

however, even more exciting than the actual planned rally was the march afterwards. after the speeches were done, we marched. we marched north on dearborn to monroe, then east to michigan, and up to michigan and madison on the sidewalks. then, we took over the streets. we walked on the streets east to lasalle, north to randolph, east to clark. we were at the state of illinois building for a short while, but then went north to wacker, east to michigan avenue, and then all the way up michigan avenue to oak street, and back south again to wacker, down to state and lake again. it was amazing to see stuffy old michigan avenue on a prime shopping saturday, full of people chanting and carrying signs about the right to equal marriage. what was heartening was when people on the sidewalks and in the cars smiled, waved, and signaled their agreement with the cause. that was heartening.


today...well, today wasn't all that busy. i don't have any pictures, because that would be boring. i was asleep until after 1pm, and i went to target this afternoon. now i'm doing laundry.

every day can't be interesting, i guess.

i know it will

i try not to put too many memes on this thing, really, i do. but, there has been a confluence of two factors lately: good memes, and a dead nickybrain.

thus, we have a music meme, borrowed from useless dicta:

1. Put your iTunes [or your open-source player, for all you sexy linux geeks out there] on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

"Mr. Jones" by Counting Crows ["believe in me believe in anything...'cause i wanna be someone who believes..."]

“Giving In" by Adema [damn, this is actual theme song, which has been for years and years now, is another Adema song: "The Way You Like It." this one isn't far off, fact, it probably does a better job describing my personality, whereas "the way you like it" touches more on my outlook, my approach on life."]

"Kill You" by Eminem [wow. ummmm...sorry, i don't like a guy or girl who repeatedly threatens to choke a bitch. pretty funny song, though...just not apt for the question.]

"Real" by Lili Haydn [not yet, because i haven't gotten out of bed. however, if anyone makes an effort to shove me into a mold, my feelings get to be like this song really, really quickly.]

"Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers" by Wesley Willis [i'd be happy with my purpose as whipping a two-humped bactrian camel's ass and getting a crowd to roar like a mountain lion.]

"Cold" by Static-X [there are so few complete sentences in this song, much less mottos...this song has to have some of the most spartan lyrics of anything in my playlist. i hope this song isn't my motto,'s about two people feigning desire because they're just so fucking sick of not feeling anything. i'm cold and unfeeling a lot of the time, but i'm quite sure that when i'm feeling sexual desire, it's one of the few times i'm actually thawed out. i'm going to say Rhythmbox failed at picking a motto song.]

"Ring of Fire" as covered by Social Distortion, originally by Johnny Cash [yeah, Rhythmbox is back to being pretty apt again.]

"Candle Song" by Onelinedrawing [i don't think of the light that allows me to write very often anymore...although i had to think about that in st. louis, since our power company sucked and i was often left to write to flashlights and candles and stuff.]

WHAT IS 2+2?
"Afterlife" by Avenged Sevenfold [SO APT. the juxtaposition of question and answer here remind me of one of my favourite lines from Notes from Underground, my favourite book: "Two plus two equals four is no longer life, gentlemen, but the beginning of death!"]

“Dulcinea" from the musical Man of La Mancha [no, that's not what i think of my best friend, although he did give me all the music to Man of La Mancha...]

“She's My Ride Home" by Blue October [in a literal sense, this it appears the lovers in this song are heading home after a murder spree in which the singer killed a bunch of people and the lover is aiding and abetting. it also fails in a metaphorical sense...i don't actually feel like he's a way to help me flee from my past and laugh about my naysayers. i just feel...good.]

“Beware Of Dog" by Wesley Willis [nope, not my life story...but i was afraid of a big, biting dog on my street when i was a kid.]

“Case of the Ex" by Mya [hahaha...nope. i don't really desire to be any of the characters in this story--the crazy ex, the ex who still talks to their crazy ex, or the new s/o who has to deal with it. MISS.]

"Flesh" by Cradle of Thorns [yes. this is definitely a frequent facet...not the whole story, but a good part of it. this song has a vibe of just raw, animal attraction...and as much as there's a mental and emotional component, if there weren't times that there was just raw animal attraction, i don't think things would work very well. i'm a very sexual person, and i need that element.]

"Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" by Big and Rich [WHAT THE FUCK? i'm not even going to get into this one.]

“Stereo Casualty" by Star Crash Speedway [probably's a pretty song, as Star Crash Speedway's stuff always tends to be pretty, but it's not a happy song or a cute song. it's about a depressing car trip, as best as i can tell.]

“Complicated Questions" by Finger Eleven [oh yes...they had better play some finger eleven at my funeral, and this is one of their best.]

“Blue" by The Rasmus [no way. i can't tell if this song is about raising a kid or taking care of a significant other who can't deal with the world on their own. i have no desire to raise a kid, and i never again want to deal with a significant other who has lost the ability to face the world.]

“Rattlesnake" by Live [this has nothing to do with the precious few secrets i keep, but this is a damn good song anyway.]

“Ghostbusters", covered by The Rasmus, originally by Ray Parker, Jr. [most of my friends are hilarious, as is this song.]

“Lick A Bull Elk's Ass" by Wesley Willis [yeah, licking a bull elk's ass would be really, really bad. i'm with you there, Rhythmbox.]

Ted Stevens' "Series of Tubes" speech [I KID YOU NOT. THIS IS WHAT CAME UP. THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME. so many awful possibilities, so hilarious in the abstract.]

“Eazy-E" by Wesley Willis [well, it does pain me that i never made it to a Wesley Willis show, although i did meet him out on Clark Street once.]

“Allen Wrench" by Shooting Blanks [apt. Shooting Blanks is hilarious, and i'm also entertained by the little allen wrenches they give you when you buy furniture from IKEA.]

“Places for Breathing" by Revis [yes. this song is all about losing all the wonder and the happiness of life...and i've had feelings at points in my life that i'd lost all that, and it's fucking depressing.]

“City of the Dead" by The Rasmus [i'm trying to figure out what a song about fending off zombies has to do with getting married.]

"Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood [no, i wouldn't say that scared me the most. yeah, it would suck to have to do it, but i have no fears about kicking someone who violated established terms of a relationship to me, without talking to me about changing the terms, to the curb.]

“Undone" by Down Cycle [this song, which champions rejecting another person for the sake of being more introspective, would imply an answer of no. as i know that's false...i'll just say Rhythmbox failed here.]

“Bon Jovi" by Wesley Willis [yes, yes. i know. i would have gone to a Wesley Willis show before he died. stop rubbing that in, Rhythmbox.]

“The Black Swan" by Story of the Year [yes, it hurt that SotY's last album, including this song, was just not very good. but, that neckache i woke up with hurts more.]

“I Know It Will" by 19 Wheels [i haven't listened to this song in months. this song is awesome!]

Saturday, November 15, 2008

nationwide proposition 8 protests

today, there are protests against proposition 8 all over the country.

i haven't gone to a protest in years; i got so burnt out on indiscriminate signwaving my first year of college. but, there's something i find so powerful about the fact that so many people are being mobilized to get together in their communities on the same day, all through the country, in response to california's brazenly disgusting act of revoking the right of civil marriage from same-sex couples. the organization of this protest feels anything but indiscriminate.

the demonstration in Chicago is at 12:30, at the corner of Adams and Dearborn. i will be there.


memeage, from butterflyfish:

you are darkredviolet

Your dominant hues are red and magenta. You love doing your own thing and going on your own adventures, but there are close friends you know you just can't leave behind. You can influence others on days when you're patient, but most times you just want to go out, have fun, and do your own thing.

Your saturation level is high - you get into life and have a strong personality. Everyone you meet will either love you or hate you - either way, your goal is to get them to change the world with you. You are very hard working and don't have much patience for people without your initiative.

Your outlook on life is slightly darker than most people's. You try to see things for what they are and face situations honestly. You'd rather get to the point than look for what's good.
the html color quiz

i'd say that's pretty dead-on.

Friday, November 14, 2008

return of The Criminal IQ Test!

good afternoon, and welcome to another installment of The Criminal IQ Test!! unlike previous installments, this is a difficult one. this one has two questions instead of just one.

1. imagine that you and a friend of yours are really drunk, and want to get from one place to another. do you:

a. call a cab?
b. take the bus?
c. drive?
d. get your really drunk friend to drive?

if you chose (a) or (b), you're not a complete idiot. if you chose (c), i suggest you put your drivers license through a heavy-duty shredder and toss your car keys into a vat of molten lava. if you chose (d), i suggest you get your head examined, or at least jump off a cliff so you can take responsibility for your own demise instead of getting your idiot friend to help you along.

2. for the sake of argument, since this is the Criminal I.Q Test, let's assume an answer of (d) to Question 1. your friend is driving the two of you, and both of you are still extremely drunk. a police car pulls your friend's car over on the way. Officer Friendly takes your friend out of the car, and starts administering field sobriety tests. do you:

a. sit quietly and wait in the car?
b. call a sober friend to come pick you up?
c. check how much money you have, in case you need to bail your friend out?
d. start driving the car away, stop a few feet down the road at Officer Friendly's behest, and get busted for drunk driving?

if you chose (a), (b), or (c), you are not the dumbest criminal ever. if you chose (d)...then you are a solid contender for the dumbest criminal ever, and you make me weep for the human race.

crime meme

stolen from...well, everyone.

If you saw ME in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for?
Answer me, then post to your own journal and see how many crimes you get accused of.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

"someday" by campfire girls

i've loved this song for years, and i've never understood why.

shmoo part two

it's all set.

i officially have my flight to shmoocon, and the hotel room. i'll be in dc from the night of thursday, february 5 until the evening of monday, february 9. i'll be staying at the wardman park marriott, the hotel where the con is happening.


note to anyone who is going--you can get some dirt-cheap fares on southwest airlines if you're willing to take the bus into town from BWI. it's not a bad bus ride, and it's worth it for cheaper plane fares.

another note to anyone who is going--right now, hotel prices on are ten bucks a night cheaper than the advertised con-block rate. as such, it's probably a good idea to book there now instead of holding out for a special con-block room.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sanity in connecticut

yay for connecticut, and congrats to all the happy couples!

and, a message to the idiot in the article who said that this was a judicial coup and that there needed to be a referendum of the people on the issue? there was. if you remember correctly, sir, last week there was a ballot referendum asking whether there would be a constitutional convention in connecticut. you and your ilk made it more than clear that if the consitutional convention passed, you'd use that to put an anti-same-sex-marriage amendment into the connecticut constitution. you publicized it, and the people of the state of connecticut knew when they went to the ballot box that a "yes" vote on the constitutional convention meant they had their chance to reject the supreme court's opinion.

that vote failed. you and your ilk lost, sir. the people of connecticut had their say, and they said a resounding no to your proposal.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

alarm clocks

most of the spam e-mail i get advertises penis pills, government grants, and fake online degrees. so, you can imagine that it sounded like a breath of fresh air to see an e-mail in my spam box with the following headline:

The best alarm-clock for your male friend that will wake him up easily.

really? an alarm-clock? could they really be trying to sell me electronics? and, if so...had engineers finally devised an alarm clock that would wake up men, but not women? this could be a fascinating breakthrough! it was clearly worth at least one little click:

All the strength of Viagra and Cialis, in half the time, and afraction of the cost!

Stop spending hundreds of dollars on a few pills, save time try Erectifix to see how well it can improve your sex life, on so many levels!

Just one small strip 10 minutes before the fun starts, and the magic begins!

correct me if i'm wrong, oh wise male friends who read this blog, but you probably wouldn't like it very much if i [or anyone] tried to wake you up by slipping a strip of counterfeit erectile dysfunction medication in your mouth.

i'm old. i really fooled that guy.

i have business cards now.


that refer to me as an attorney-at-law.


on love

carnivalesque posted this in her journal. it's long, but worth's Keith Olbermann rather astutely commenting on the cruelty and absurdity of proposition 8.

Monday, November 10, 2008

this comic is pirate balls.

today's chainsawsuit made me laugh hard. REALLY HARD. if you don't believe me, ask him. he will vouch for this fact.

i want that shirt. i really, really do.

don't you mean...2?

i was in line at the drug store this evening. near the checkout, they've got a fixture of one of the eighty million guitar hero knockoff games that have sprung up. the box proclaims that there are just three steps to rocking out:

1. practice!
2. rehearse!
3. perform!


maybe i have lost my command of the english language in my old age, but aren't "practicing" and "rehearsing" the same thing, especially in the context of one person poking around on an electronic plastic "guitar"?

a fortuitous mutation?

this is cool. there's no other way to put it.

sure, it's just one person so far, but maybe, just maybe, this may be a fruitful avenue for eventually treating AIDS.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

i did stuff!

this morning, i raided circuit city's store closing sale, and scored a digital camera [with a functioning flash, unlike my other one], a computer headset [with a wire that is fully insulated, and not shorting out], and headphones for my ipod [again, with wires that are fully insulated and not crackling in my ears.]

then, i went to a yarn store. i bought some awesome red wool yarn, took it home, and started crocheting. i'm now almost done making a new scarf.

i then put rockbox, some open-source firmware, onto my iPod. interacting with the default iTunes firmware from anything other than iTunes sucks. i've been using gtkpod since i switched to linux earlier this year, but even that was spottily reliable, at best.

all in all, this has been a pretty productive day.

Friday, November 07, 2008

for all you UChicago people...

it's so weird seeing the GSB not calling itself the GSB anymore.

dumb dora was so dumb...

how did i not know that Brett Somers was married to Jack Klugman? that's terrific. that's dynamite.

in other marginally Brett Somers-related news, the Match Game party is tonight! :D i am playing Brett...i still need to figure out what i'm going to wear. i also don't have any huge honking glasses, although i may try to fix that if i have enough time after work.

here's hoping i can somewhere find the capacity to be witty, pithy...and extra-snarky toward our beloved Charles Nelson Reilly, played by The Foof.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

scary thought

i got my law license this morning.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

proposition 8

i'm reading a news article about proposition 8, california's gay marriage ban amendment. in the article, there are quotes from people on each side of the issue. from the people who support the ban, there are the comments about how we need to define marriage as one man and one woman to protect the broader morals of society, to protect the children, the same vagaries that are always spouted to gloss over the hard fact that this is an amendment that defines certain relationships as being more legitimate than others.

however, one of the quotes in the article really drives me crazy. they quote one of the yes on 8 campaign workers as stating:

"We aren't trying to change anything that homosexual couples believe or want -- it doesn't change anything that they're allowed to do already. It's defining marriage. . . . Marriage is a man and a woman establishing a family unit."

way to be completely wrong.

first of all, proponents of proposition 8 are trying to change something that homosexuals want--they want the same rights as straight couples to have their marrages recognized by the state and have the legal structures that accompany civil marriage. many "homosexual couples" [and, in fact, many people who are either not homosexual, not in a couple, or both!] believe that the state should blind itself to gender when recognizing marriages, and want that to happen.

secondly, she misstates the law in California by stating, before the election, that proposition 8 "doesn't change anything that they're allowed to do already." once the California Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage was legal, homosexual couples were allowed by California law to marry. they were allowed to marry before the election, and proposition 8 took that option away from them.

finally, she spouts that same old claim that oh, we're just "defining marriage." she knows as well as we do that defining something in the law means everything. why else would she be fighting so hard to see this "definition" etched in the state constitution? her definition defines same-sex relationships as second-rate under the law of the land. there is nothing about legally allowing same-sex marriages that prohibits churches or any other private organization as defining marriage as one man and one woman establishing a family unit. private groups can define marriage however they want to. there are other churches and organizations that will recognize same-sex marriages, and proposition 8 will do no more to stop that than the California Supreme Court could do to stop private organizations who chose to use the one-man, one-woman definition. however, putting her definition in the constitution forces it on everybody else, and deprives same-sex couples of rights they used to have. there is nothing trivial or technical about that.

yummy yummy meme time

[a little meme, borrowed from sexdrugszombies:]

please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me. it can only be one word.

no more.

then copy and paste this in your journal so that i may leave a word about you. :)

state ballot initiatives

california, colorado, connecticut, and south dakota? thank you. common sense prevails.

arizona, arkansas, california, and florida? i'm disappointed in you for passing amendments that define certain people as second-class citizens.

halloween pictures!

i promised them, and here they finally are...halloween pictures! :)

what does our friend Harpo [played by the awesome Rob] see?

Harpo sees someone to mock, of course!


i bet Aragorn [Matt] never thought he'd have to swordfight against a guy with a honking cane.

Aragorn from the fantasy world meets Mii [Sidepocket] from the pixellated one.

some random guys in the crowd dressed as a plug and an, that's not suggestive at all!

Harpo, meet Harpo!
[and my Harpo's funnier than their Harpo...not to mention cuter!]

hello, do you know me??? [W-H-A-M-M-Y]

if elected, i will raise your taxes! hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

it's not a visit to new york without some snuggling on the LIRR.

of course, these are not all the pictures. it's only about half of them; the rest of the ones that actually turned out are in this album.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


president obama.

he won't be a magic panacea, but i honestly believe that he'll point us in a better direction than mccain would. i wasn't convinced that a mccain administration would do anything much differently from the bush administration. whereas, we're more likely to have wider access to health care under an obama administration. we're more likely to have a sharply progressive tax scheme under an obama administration. we're more likely to have new supreme court justices who won't eviscerate abortion rights under an obama administration. we're more likely to begin to repair our reputation abroad under an obama administration. nothing will happen overnight, of course, but there will be baby steps.

the election is over. i feel guardedly optimistic.


jonathan lee riches © sued sarah palin.

and it's three pages of pure brilliance:

"Palin stole Joe Biden's Wilmington Trust debit card and secretly built a bridge to nowhere to Russia to learn foreigh policy."

"Since I been in prison, Sarah Palin used imminent domain and Todd Palin's BP working cronies to steal artifacts from my home and place them in the Alaska state museum. The Jonathan Lee Riches statue, the crystal skull I got from Indiana."

"I got Sarah Palin's daughtor Bristol pregnant, it was either at the Bristol Motor Speedway or while we were watching Juno in Juneau."

"Sarah Palin plans to turn Barack Obama into a chocolate moose cake."

"Palin bought an igloo with my credit from Countrywide Loans."

this made my day.

excuse me???

this editorial disgusts me more than anything i've read in an extremely long time.


first of all, criticizing america doesn't mean that people hate the country. it merely means that they admit that it's not perfect. there are oceans between pointing out the flaws in something and hating it. and, someone's got to do far more than just "go on and on about slavery, about racism, about how black people have been held down and held back" to fall into the category of hating the country. those are very legitimate criticisms about our history, and flaws that still need to be addressed today and as long as there are any racial disparities whatsoever about how people are treated.

in short, racism isn't dead, and admitting this fact does not constitute treason.


secondly, he moves his criticism from the citizens to barack obama. he condemns the kind of change that he feels obama represents, stating that "Obama represents change from American exceptionialism to America as just another nation. He represents change from America as a leader of the free world to America as just a peer with the likes of France or Germany...These black elites do not respect America. America is special, truly exceptional. I don't think that Obama believes that about America."

the idea of american exceptionalism bothers me deeply. there are things in our government that make it great. i treasure democracy, and i treasure the american ideal that this country ought to be a melting pot that welcomes anyone and everyone who wants to work hard to try to make it. we are unique.

but, this attitude is dangerous for at least two glaring reasons. first of all, it belittles the fact that we are not the only country who has made strides to provide freedoms to its citizens over the last two hundred years. america's road is unique, but unique does not necessarily mean best. just because we live in a great nation does not mean that our nation is the only great nation, and thinking that way will only make it more likely that we will alienate other countries with which we share some [even many!] values in common.

furthermore, this columnist's attitude is exactly the kind of attitude that has caused our nation's esteem in the world to plummet during the bush administration. we need a government that stands up for the interests of the american people, but we cannot have a government that will readily insult, belittle, and trample over other equally sovereign nations to get there. the bush administration's arrogance has made our country a laughingstock.

so what if this columnist thinks that obama will relate with other countries as if we're a peer with other nations in the free world? we need that desperately. it's the only way we can even begin to repair the damage that has been done to our standing in the world over these last eight years.

where did i shove that lawyer...

on, there's a page discussing how to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy for a business. as on all of the eHow pages, it contains a list of necessary tools for doing the desired task. the list on this page entertains me greatly:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Bankruptcy lawyer
  • Records of debt and company assets

i'm used to these "things you need" lists on eHow containing common household items like scissors, yarn, tape, paper...that kind of thing. thus, this gives me a mental image of rifling through my cabinet trying to find where i stashed that bankruptcy lawyer a couple of months ago when i last needed to dust it off and use it.

my condolences.

this section should exist at your local card shop:

[from this week's New Yorker.]

if i were the least bit artistic, and somewhat less mean, i would totally occupy this niche.

election day

it's tuesday, november 4...election day, if you're in the states.

if you've already voted absentee, early, or you got up at the crack of dawn and have already voted today...awesome. ♥

if you haven't voted yet, make sure you do that today. do it before school or work. do it on your lunch break. make sure you get out early enough and do it afterwards. find your polling place, check the hours, and go. stand in line if you need to.

our representative democracy boils down to days like today. on other days, non-election days, there is still plenty of political work that can be done...discussing issues and sharing your opinion with fellow citizens and with elected officials. but, today we decide who is actually put in office.

no one on the ballot is perfect, but it's almost impossible that anyone on the ballot will perfectly reflect your personal vision for the country. at least in illinois, there are seven candidates for president on the ballot, and then others for state and local offices. there is someone on the ballot who is more likely than the others to bring america closer to your vision for it, or who agrees with you more than the others on issues that matter to you. identify them and vote for them. if you're disappointed with all of them, write someone in and work to get someone on the ballot next cycle who does share your vision. being disappointed with all the candidates, major party or otherwise, is still no excuse not to vote.

today we decide the decision-makers. vote...or lose your right to complain about the actions of the people in power. it's what we do today that puts them there, so if you did nothing you may say nothing.

Monday, November 03, 2008

bad timing

i just got my adorable black peacoat back from the cleaners...and, of course, it's going to be in the sixties and seventies all week.

sigh. i was kind of excited to start wearing it.


an "online patient services company" in Minnesota has a rather, ummmm, special idea for a mascot:

that's right: Petey P Cup. their mascot is a walking urine sample.

and, if that's not enough to get you banging your head against the nearest desk, wall, or other hard surface, Petey P Cup has a friend named Pokey the Syringe.

i'm truly frightened.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


i'm back in chicago, after an amazing weekend in new york with Rob.

more details in pictorial form soon, when i'm not half-asleep from being on a plane.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


after ten minutes of frantic credit carding and five minutes of frantic loading and reloading before it, Rob and i are the proud owners of tickets to Shmoocon 2009!1


see all you silly Phone Losers there...i hope you all got tickets, too! <3

1it's in Washington, DC from February 6 through 8. this is advance notice--several months' advance notice. you have no excuse not to see us there. even if you don't end up with tickets [which are on sale again December 1 and January 1], you need to come up to DC anyway, because hanging out is fun.