Tuesday, October 21, 2008

what, me ethical?

the illinois bar has just informed me that i have passed the character and fitness examination!

that's right. i'm ethical enough to be a lawyer.

how standards have fallen, when riffraff like myself can be admitted to the profession. the joke's on you, society!!!

this means that i'm officially getting sworn in during the first week of november, and i'm going to get my law licence.

yay! the last three years of hazing is officially not in vain...if i failed the bar it would have been stressful, but at least i could study and take it again. if i failed character and fitness, that would have been bad. about the only thing i learned in professional responsibility class is that if you fail a state's character and fitness examination, it's almost impossible to rectify the situation and pass it later.


Eric Allix Rogers said...

Congratulations on being just sleazy enough!

nicolle said...

thanks! :D

Butterflyfish said...


nicolle said...

thanks! i'm excited...i guess i shouldn't have been, but i was pretty afraid of the c&f check. it's not like i have really bad skeletons in my closet, but you really never know what they're looking for.

Useless Dicta said...


Anonymous said...

Your such a nice person, I see this as an improvement. I am really surprised that their standards have lowered instead of just sucking your brains out and flying around the light bulbs. You know, lawyer stuff!