Wednesday, October 01, 2008

we are pleased to advise...

i passed the bar!!!!!

i passed the bar!!!!!


they didn't make it easy for me to find out. after that post about hoping to have stuff up by midnight, i got an email saying i had an "important posting" on the website. of course, i then kept trying to log in. i kept getting the same message, that the website was down in order to post results. finally, about an hour and a half later, i could log in to check my messages. i was on the phone with my mother at the time, and so i waited a few minutes to get off the phone with her and on the phone with Rob, since he would do a lot more to alleviate my stress than my mother would. turns out it was a tease. it wasn't a message about whether i passed--it was a message telling me i needed to harass a couple of previous employers about my character and fitness surveys. that pissed me off--why were they releasing that stuff on the same night as bar results? it only jammed the servers more, and made those of us who got those notices even more nervous for nothing!

finally, around eleven fifteen, i turned in for the night. i was tired, i was stressed, and the servers would probably be less slammed at 7am than they would right when results came out. right?


i checked my email at seven this morning when i got up, and had a notice timestamped around 1am saying that i had another posting on my ibaby profile. so, i tried to log in...and it wouldn't load. i tried again; it wouldn't load. i tried it and left it running when i was in the shower...and i came back to a 503 website capacity error. i tried one more time before i left for work, and still nothing. i was so stressed out that i was tempted to ditch work, but the foof basically pushed me out the door, so i went.

i tried not to check ibaby on my crackberry while i was on the train. i really did. but, around armitage, the anticipation got to be too much. i cleared out of, and went back to check ibaby just once.

this time it loaded like a charm.

i typed in my username and password, and that loaded immediately.

i clicked the link to my new message, and that loaded immediately.

i scrolled down, and read:

"Dear persecuted crack smoker,

We are pleased to advise that you have passed the July 2008 Illinois bar examination."

[okay, so they didn't actually call me the persecuted crack smoker, but you get the point.]

at least i'm now flailing and incoherent out of pure joy instead of pure nerves.

i passed!!!!!


Brad Carter said...

Congrats! I knew you would though.

nicolle said...

thanks!! :D

Eric Allix Rogers said...

Yay, congratulations! What a hassle they put you through in the past day - I hope they've learned a few lessons.

And, uh, ibaby? Yikes.

nicolle said...

thanks! :)

yeah...ibaby. it stands for "illinois board of admissions to the bar...and you." i wish i were kidding.

sabrebutt said...

Congratulations! Welcome to lawyer-hood. I wish you lucks.

nicolle said...

thanks sabre! :D

Butterflyfish said...

congratulations!!! so happy for you

nicolle said...

thanks! :D

it's just such a feels so good to know i don't have to take it again. taking it once is crazy enough.

Agamemnon said...

Congratulations! All those months (2) of anxiety for naught. I know the feeling. Now that I passed, it is like, why was there ever any doubt?

I woke up and checked my results at 3:30 a.m. (never got an e-mail), and had no load problems.

In other news, my work blocks your blog (congrats on that!), so you should consider doing a full instead a partial feed on your RSS.

nicolle said...

yeah...i know the feeling. my friends kept telling me not to worry, and there was that little voice in the back of my head saying that there was no way i did worse than eighty-whatever percent of the people who took the test. i just tend to freak out. a lot.

that's awesome that you didn't have load trouble. i'm envious. :) oh well...i stressed, i stressed, but i finally got on and there's no lasting harm.

as for the RSS feed...i didn't realise it was set to short. that's been fixed. and...that makes me strangely happy that i'm blocked, at least somewhere. i guess they don't like persecuted crack smokers very much. :D

Agamemnon said...

Thank you kindly.

Also, I did not realize my new name was showing up on here. I changed it. The other option was lawschoolruled, but that is just depressing. I mention such not to patronize, but just fyi.

See, the future, for us, as lawyers and esquires, is wide open. I guess, you know the whole financial market could collapse tomorrow. (and to think, I wrote a law review article saying we could trust investment professionals. I was so naive back then).

Anyway, if you knew where you were blocked, you would be very pleased. Assuming you are a crack smoking anarchist. Or a peaceful crack smoking anarchist anyway.

nicolle said...

well...i'm not a crack smoker or an anarchist, although i tend toward the peaceful. my friends just allege that my body makes crack naturally, since i'm kind of bonkers IRL.

ughhhh...i don't like thinking about the financial markets, although i have to, far too much. on one hand, i want to think i have job security because they assigned me to the bankruptcy department, and EVERYONE is going bankrupt. on the other seriously never know.

Useless Dicta said...

CONGRATS- sorry I'm a few days late in catching up with everyone's news :)

nicolle said...

thanks! :)

Grace said...

Yay!! Congratulations. This is awesome.

nicolle said...


Grace, i had never seen your blog before...i don't know how i missed it! i read it back a while...and i'm totally going to be following it now. :)