Tuesday, October 14, 2008

things that entertain me

today, the internet is for lulz.

  • this picture of Secretary Paulson making a face that would be right at home on a northbound Red Line train was on the front page of the new york times website:

  • cracked.com's piece on celebrities that were real idiots with money has provided the world with the undisputed king of similes in its description of Mark Twain: "The man hemorrhaged money like a hemophiliac breakdancing on a bed of machetes."
  • also courtesy of cracked.com, in its article detailing terrible, horrible, no good, very bad music trends is a band name that seriously needs to happen. it's talking about the nineties trend of using numbers for words, and then taking it to its logical extreme. they've created a monster...because there seriously does need to be a DJ act called 411 Ur B34tz R B310ng 2 Us.

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