Sunday, October 19, 2008

a productive day

i'm a messy person by nature. i hate cleaning. i leave everything lying around. i'm not the least bit organized [although i, like many messy people, usually know EXACTLY where any given object is in the awful pile of mess.] my room is usually a disaster zone.

however, i definitely don't mind having a clean room once in a while, and i have a somewhat clean room now. i hate the tasks of cleaning...i hate doing the laundry, i hate organizing things, i hate clearing off the floor. in fact, my room's not done. i've still got a bunch of random stuff piled on my desk, and more random stuff piled on my dresser. but, i can deal with that. that'll be easy enough to deal with either next sunday or sometime in early november. right now, it's kind of nice to have a closet full of fresh-smelling laundry and some space to walk around on my floor without stepping on things.

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