Thursday, October 16, 2008

permanent records

you know how when we were all growing up, parents and teachers threatened that things would go on your Permanent Record? it had to be a joke, right? we all took comfort in the fact that there was no way that they would actually keep a file on us and keep it forever.

well, i just learned today that, at least in Illinois, it's not a fallacy. Illinois schools do keep such a thing as a "permanent record" [yes, they actually call it that!], and by law the school system must keep it for at least sixty years after you graduate or otherwise leave the school system.

now i'm curious. i want to know if North Carolina also has these "permanent records", and how i can go about getting a copy of it. it's probably going to be really boring because i was a total goody-goody-toolbag growing up, but it would be cool to actually read this thing that was lorded over me for twelve years.

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