Tuesday, October 28, 2008


there are two completely awesome things about this incident:
  • these are the best campaign calls ever. [no, really. they are. have a listen, why don't you?] having a sexy woman porno voice say that the opponent has been a "bad boy" and to "vote yes!" for the opponent?
  • in the face of backlash against the campaign calls, the candidate is actually taking responsibility for them. sure, i don't buy his claim that the ads were only supposed to be a little provocative, and that the campaign worker got overzealous--there's no way the ad would work unless the voice reading the script sounded full-on pornographic. but, he's not releasing the name of the staffer, and he's owning up to his calls.

if this is the future of political campaigning, count me in. i do a pretty good phone sex voice myself...so if there are any politicians out there who need an unpaid staffer to record some robocalls, drop me a comment or an email, and we'll talk.

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