Saturday, September 13, 2008


i love sleeping in. sleeping until 11:30 in the morning only becomes more glorious when you've been getting up at 7am all week. all summer, sleeping until 11:30 was the norm. this morning, it was a yummy treat. i'm still surprised that i slept that long, since i fell asleep around 12:15 last night, but i really did need all that sleep. not only had i been getting up early all week, but i had been sleeping so poorly during the five or six hours a night that i *was* sleeping that by last night i was beat.

i'm still not completely back to normal yet, since it's going to take my body a couple of weeks to get used to falling asleep earlier, getting up earlier, and working, but i'm feeling far better than i was wednesday and thursday. it's a start.

so far, i have no plans whatsoever this weekend. maybe i'll make plans to do something later, maybe i won't. i should clean my room, since i STILL haven't actually done that despite all of my hemming and hawing that i was going to get that done before i started work last week.

right now, i'm just pleased that i didn't have to get up early and go to work again today. sleeping in and sitting on the couch in my pajamas is full of win.

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