Tuesday, September 16, 2008


this morning was insane...but the result of it is that i am currently sitting at O'Hare, waiting for a flight to New York. there's a bankruptcy legal education workshop [yes, as of last monday i am now a bankruptcy lawyer, by virtue of the fact that i showed up last monday and was handed an assignment to the bankruptcy department] up there that is supposed to be very helpful at explaining the ropes of bankruptcy law, and right now i need all of the explanations i can get of said ropes.

of course, since the workshop is in the big apple, this also means that i get to see my sweetheart this week. can we say epic win?


alright, it's about time to hop on the plane. later!!!


Butterflyfish said...

I did some bankruptcy this summer. I had to attempt to get relief from stay to bring a replevin action for some business assets.

Short way of saying *jealous*

nicolle said...

oooh...that sounds really cool. i haven't done anything that cool yet, but given recent current events i'm sure it's going to be a super-interesting time in the field of bankruptcy. hopefully i'll have half a clue about the basics after this CLE. :D