Thursday, September 04, 2008

who gives windows users a bad name? THAT GUY.

i was googling for some bash scripting help, and came upon the funniest line in a forum post that i've seen in a long time. for those of you who don't spend inordinate amounts of time playing with linux boxes, "bash" is the name of the command line interface that's generally used on linux boxes, and "bash scripting" refers to the language of operating system commands used on such computers. it's short for "bourne-again shell" called because it's an evolution of the Bourne shell, first developed for UNIX in 1974.

anyway, i got a bunch of links for linux forums and linux documentation sites, which were of varying degrees of help for my programming problem. also, on the first page of google results, i got a link to this was odd...bash is a *nix thing and not a windows thing, so i never get windows forum results when i search for help on my bash problems. of course, i was curious, and i had to click on the link. clicking rewarded me with the following highly entertaining tidbit:

"I have just started of learning some bash script. It makes life a LOT easyer when you are an programmer, want to automate stuff to make things less messy, or just want to do something cool. For those of you who do not know what bash script is, it is Ubuntus response to batch script in Windows."


*laugh some more*

*try to breathe*


*catch breath enough to rant in blog*

aside from the atrocious spelling and grammar, i love the fact that he refers to bash as "Ubuntu's response to batch script in Windows." first of all, it's not Ubuntu's response to anything--Ubuntu has only been around since 2004, and Ubuntu integrated bash, not the other way around! second of all, Windows has only been around since 1985, when it was a nascent graphical user interface to MS-DOS...and there was no DOS until 1980. this was, of course, six years AFTER the bourne shell, which formed the basis for bash, was first developed. thirdly, independent of's not just Ubuntu that uses bash scripting, its a large range of *nix OSes that do.

in other words, it's really the words "Ubuntu's response" that make it so funny...if he had just referred to it as "Linux's analogue" or "UNIX's analogue", i probably would have just shaken my head at the terrible grammar and spelling, closed the tab, and moved on.

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sabrebutt said...

oh, that is just too funny.

I recently explained to my girlfriend how to run software updates from the command line on her ubuntu machine.

sudo apt-get update

"Oh my gosh, this computer has a mind of it's own!" :)