Monday, September 15, 2008

not a morning person.

i'm still not used to this "getting up early" thing. i know my body will eventually get on a better schedule, but not yet. on workdays, i have my alarm set, and i'm tired and cranky. this weekend, i've stayed up late [but not too late]...and slept until noonish. my body is still wired to do that, since i've been doing that all summer.

at least most of the people i started work with spent the summer getting up early, since they were in the morning bar review class. there was no way i was doing that, though. i'm not a morning person. i function better at night, and terribly in the mornings. i don't get up early unless i have to.

now i have to. sigh. at least i found my iPod when i was cleaning my bedroom today, so i'll have something interesting to listen to on the train. it kind of sucked commuting without it last week.

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