Monday, September 29, 2008

more palin drama. sigh.

my head is spinning.

people are affirmatively hoping for a Bristol Palin wedding before the election? i was incensed enough when they stated in the abstract that "she will be marrying the father of the baby." it gave them an out...after the campaign, things could be reevaluated, and Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston wouldn't necessarily be pushed by the tide of public opinion into an ill-advised bond.

but, a highly-publicized wedding in the two or three weeks between Bristol's eighteenth birthday and the election? that's a publicity stunt, if i've ever seen one. and, i feel awful for Bristol and Levi. dealing with a teenage pregnancy is tough enough without the eyes of the nation scrutinizing their decisions. they should be left to talk to people they trust and then decide whether to keep the kid or give the kid up for adoption [or, had it been earlier, to consider abortion...although the beginning of the third trimester is definitely too late for that]. they can consider getting married, but they should have been left to do that on their own time--not as a face-saving element of mommy's campaign.

i'm not trying to disparage marriage per se. marriage is not always the wrong decision when two people end up having a kid. however, a pregnancy is no reason to immediately make people marry. the fact that his sperm collided with her egg in the right way doesn't make the two of them compatible for life, or even compatible for a few months or years. yes, it means they have some huge life decisions to make for the welfare of the kid. and, if they decide that they can be happy together for the long-term, then marriage is a legitimate consideration for them to make. but, marriage is not a legitimate response to the fact that mommy's closest political allies have a strict policy of forcing teenagers to marry the other teenagers they knocked up.

rushing into marriage only risks putting the kid in a situation borne of resent. no one wants that.

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