Monday, September 29, 2008

the giant pool of money

thank you, new york times.

today, the new york times printed an article about an NPR show about the mortgage crisis. now, i don't regularly listen to NPR. i know this either makes me a bad liberal or a bad person in general, but i prefer music to talk. anyway, back in may, this american life did a show about the mortgage crisis, and the links between subprime mortgages and wall street.

for once, it's something that cuts past all of the financial jargon and actually explains the happenings in layman's terms--terms that make sense to all of us who aren't investment bankers. my brain often turns off when i read financial stuff, and a lot of it is because i don't understand what they're saying and i get frustrated having to google every other term, sift through the results, and find a half-decent explanation that doesn't explain the word in terms of six other pieces of financial jargon that i have to then look up and define all the terms in those definitions...ugh, it's recursive.

anyway, it's fascinating. you can listen to the show or read the transcript if you're like me and the speakers at your computer workstation suck. i highly recommend it.

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