Saturday, September 13, 2008



see this?

i did, in fact, post this to blogger from the command line, from a program i am in the middle of writing!

i still have a lot of work to do on it, since i want there to be a way to enter a title and post text from the program, have the program plug that info into the xml in a template text file, and upload it from there. right now, i have to type the post text by hand into the xml template, and then the program uploads that file as the blogger post. it's not the most user-friendly way to go through it...but this program is still in "debugging" stage.

but, i have an idea of how to do that. that's a question of using the text processing skills i've been learning. the thing i was having the hardest time with was formatting the http requests to interact correctly with blogger's API--and i have done that!!!

this makes me happy. i've spent so much time puzzling through that interface, and my effort is officially not for naught!

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