Monday, August 25, 2008

new york pictures :)

i got back from new york yesterday after being there for ten days. i'll spare you the schmoopy rants about how i wish i were still there [although i really, really wish i were still there.] however, i did take a ton of pictures.

views of Manhattan from Rockefeller Center, 8.18.08

the elegant inside of the Rockefeller Center observatory

one of these books is not like the others...

emo hair at the Columbus Circle subway station.

apparently they've been having some problems with misbehaviour in the ladies' room at Penn Station.

Rob, incognito.

the inside of a subway car, circa 1930. [this, like the subway pictures following, was taken at the new york transit museum.]

the ostentatious floor of a sixty year-old prototype car.

the terminus display mechanisms on old trains fascinate me.

getting thrown in the slammer for spitting would suck.

the train cars from 1949 had futuristic porthole doors!

no good on the money train.

the money train looks like a hospital.

no commies allowed.

epic cuteness at the train station.

Rob's phone and my phone are having hot, hot phone sex! his phone really pushed my phone's soon as i extricated my phone from his, i realised that my phone had called one of the numbers on its speed dial. naughty telephones!

i'm wearing my Rob costume.

Rob's wearing his nicky costume.

Rob took this picture of the skyline from Battery Park.

i know what you're thinking after reading can't wait to see more pictures! you're in luck...all the pictures i took in NYC [including a TON of shots of old subway cars at the transit museum!] are right here.


Eric Allix Rogers said...

Looks like a fun trip, with lots of geeky goodness. I'm jealous!

nicolle said...

it was a fun trip. :) hopefully you'll make it up there sometime soon to's a great place for a transit geek to goof off.