Monday, August 18, 2008

hooray! the cactus hatched!

the funniest thing happened at lunch today.

early this afternoon, i was down near times square, having lunch with Jammie, and the hostess at the restaurant came over to our table with an extremely confused look on her face. the following weirdness ensued:

hostess: excuse me, are you nicolle?
me: yes, i am.
hostess: i have a message from Roy...something about a cactus.
me: what about the cactus?
hostess: he said to tell you that the cactus was hatched.
me: thank you. that's good to know.

of course, as the hostess left, Jammie and i about died laughing, knowing exactly who was up to such shenanigans.

and, on the way out, when the hostess wished us a good day...she had a look on her face that screamed, "oh my goodness, it's those cactus girls."


Brad Carter said...

I'm hurt that you'd blame me for such shenanigans. I'm a Christian - I do NOT make calls like this!

nicolle said...

you're a phone loser. yes you do. :D