Thursday, July 31, 2008


alright, moving time is nigh.

see you on the other side...the dark side...wrigleyville.


Ken Griffey Jr. is apparently being traded to the White Sox.

here's hoping he stays healthy. if he's healthy, he's awesome. but, of course, that's a tall order.

i will allow myself the slightest flicker of guarded optimism, but no more at this point.

furthermore...i haven't seen any reports of who the Sox are trading away to get him. it better not be anyone i really like. if so, i'm going to be extremely sad.

create your own tube speech!

courtesy of the awesome sabrebutt, i present to you:

a ted stevens "series of tubes" soundboard.

i dare you to come up with a sequence of phrases from the soundboard that is less coherent than the real "series of tubes" speech. it's a tall order, i promise.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the end.

i have finished the bar exam.

the MBE today...was. that's about all i can say, it was. two hundred multiple choice, "choose-the-best-answer"'s so hard to tell how well i did on them. it's not like the essays, where either i knew them or i could at least bullshit something that sounded intelligent. still, i am hoping for the best, and i don't feel awful about it.

i feel a little relieved, a little pleased for surviving, and that's it. i still feel a major task hanging over my head, since i'm moving tomorrow. after that, i'm going to be in a far more celebratory mood.


i love this morning's XKCD, because it describes so absurdly well what happened to me when i installed linux on my computer:

yeah, so i did spend far more time this summer geeking out on my linux boxes than i did studying for the bar. linux is like crack, it is.

and, on that note, off to day 2 of the bar exam.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


they disabled scrabulous today.

this sucks. i had a bunch of games going on, and now they're ALL GONE!!!!!

they've been threatening this for months, but man. it still smarts.

the bar, day 1

after day one of the bar exam, two thoughts are running through my head:
  1. i really, really kicked that test's ass.
  2. that's it? seriously? that's all the essays?
i spent all summer fearing and fearing the essay portion. there were far more rules of law to know for the essays than the multistate required, and no proposed rules of law as in the multistate answer choices to jog my memory and throw me a bone. it was nine full-blown half-hour legal essays, plus the multistate performance test. it was supposed to be a bear.

it wasn't.

the worst part was the six hours of nonstop writing. my left hand is aching pretty badly, and i'm stretching it out every few minutes to try and get it to some semblance of functionality before having to fill in two-hundred multiple choice bubbles tomorrow.

but, that was the worst of it. for the most part, i knew the material. there were two or three subparts out of six whole [multi-subpart] questions that i wasn't dead-sure on the rule for. at least i had educated guesses for all of those, so even the stuff i wasn't 100% sure on, i had something that at least sounded like i knew what i was talking about.

otherwise, the rules were flowing from me so naturally. i was in the zone. i remembered far more than i thought i ever could, my recall was workng smoothly, and i was just writing, writing, writing. i was concentrating better than i ever thought i could. i wasn't even feeling nervous...i had too much to do to feel nervous. i was in a test-taking fugue.

and, i'm confident i nailed day 1. here's hoping day 2 goes just as well.


off to meet my fate...or, at least, day 1 of it.

Monday, July 28, 2008


so many countdowns, so little time:
  • 1 day until the bar exam begins.
  • 2 days until the bar exam ends.
  • 3 days until i move into my new place in wrigleyville.
  • 4 days until the 2600 meeting...which marks the beginning of my real unwinding.
  • 18 days until i fly to new york for a week and a half to see Rob. ♥♥♥
  • 42 days until i start my job.
i'm a busy girl.


i am an idiot today.

i was setting up my new printer because i needed to print something. i stuck my paper where i saw a slot for paper, on the front side near the bottom, and hooked it up to my computer. ubuntu, being awesome like that, recognized it immediately, fetched some drivers, and told me i could print. i sent the job...and it wasn't printing. i was a little confused that the paper didn't fit into the slot quite as securely as i'd hoped, so i tried to shove it in there to secure it some more, and it didn't work. i power-cycled the printer; no dice. i resent the job; still it failed.

turns out i was putting the paper in the slot where paper comes out. the in slot was, as in most home printers, on the top. i grumbled at my stupidity, stuck some paper in the top slot...and, wonder of wonders, it printed.

hopefully i will not be this dumb tomorrow when i take the bar.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


at HOPE, up by the hackerspace, there was a veritable boutique of old lineman's handsets, also called buttsets. [for my dear readers who don't hang out with phone phreaks on a regular basis, they're phone handsets with alligator clips on them, that you can clip onto a phone line to test it out...or just start using it, if you're feeling devious.] last sunday morning, Rob, c4bl3fl4m3, and i were feeling silly, and this resulted.

yes, this picture was posted here on Monday with my HOPE pics...but it was begging to be captioned.

harder than the bar

welcome to the first installment of a series that should have started a long time ago: Things That Are Harder Than Passing The Bar Exam.

today's installment? hitting every note of "Through The Fire and Flames" by DragonForce on Expert, on Guitar Hero 3.

congratulations. i think i've seen the one feat that, in addition to being impossible for a klutzy little thing like me, would hurt my hands more than Essay Day on Tuesday.

on studying and pressure

it's weird. i feel a nagging obligation to study, but that's about it. it's no longer the wild, irresistible compulsion to study that i felt before. last week, i was freaking out, and there was so much more knowledge that needed to be shoved in my head.

last week there was space for it.

this week? i don't feel like there is anymore. do i know every single rule? of course not. who can? maybe some supersmart person with a large mental capacity, but i'm not her.

but, am i acquitting myself well at my practice questions? yes.

the pressure i feel to keep studying makes me think about the pressure to study that pervaded law school: do it because everyone else is. i was able to keep those impulses effectively at bay throughout all of law school. law school was full of so much pressure to study all night and keep your social life at bay because This Time It Mattered. but, in was a lot like undergrad. sure, there was a little more preparation necessary around finals than was ever needed in undergrad. it was a different kind of reading, it was a different kind of knowledge that was necessary to pass the exams. but, when all was said and done, it was the same old same was school. it was all hypothetical, and meaningless except for that little piece of paper i was going to get at the end that would let me take the bar and try and become a lawyer.

the major difference between undergrad and law school was the feeling of competition. in undergrad, there wasn't any. there was no class rank, no pressure stemming from the fact that every single person in the class was trying to get the same few jobs. everyone did their own thing, minded their own business, put what they wanted to put into their classes, and that was the end of the story. no one was scratching and clawing to be number one in the class, or to desperately steal that coveted job opportunity from under the noses of twenty deserving classmates.

law school was all about competition. competition was the pervasive ethic...everyone was freaking out about being in the top third, or the top ten percent, or the top whatever. large groups of students jockeyed for the same jobs, and believed that grades were what were going to differentiate them. sometimes that belief was correct, sometimes that belief was unfounded.

i bought into it at first. it was a knee-jerk reaction. the last time i had been in such a circumstance was high school, when class ranks were posted on the windows by the guidance offices, and everyone in the upper-level classes was jockeying for that #1 spot. i was still a little bitter...i had that #1 spot throughout almost all of high school, until some girl who took a ton of classes at the local college her junior and senior year used that extra credit to snipe that position from under my nose. i was indignant--i hadn't even made any Bs in my classes, she just had more AP credits than i did. that was all. i thought i had finally realised that didn't matter, but as soon as i realised that law school was going to be another round of that game, i was back with a vengeance. i spent that first semester of law school reading every page, briefing every case, and [except for my friday and saturday nights, which have always been almost sacredly my own] becoming a law school automaton.

finals week came. then, eventually, grades came. it was then that i found the error of my ways.

the grades felt completely random. i did fantastically on the test that literally had me crying on the floor after i took it, and i got a thoroughly mediocre grade in a class i thought i had done astronomically well in. all in all the average was good, but that wasn't helping me get a job, and it didn't feel worth the sacrifices i had made, spending so many nights in, on my couch, briefing all of the minutiae.

it was time for a reassessment. i didn't stop studying altogether...just mostly. i put enough into it to stay apprised with what was going on in class, hold up my end of a conversation if the professor decided to grill me, and do well enough on the finals that hopefully second-year interviewing wouldn't be quite so demoralizing as first-year.

for what effort i was putting into law school that first semester, i wasn't getting nearly enough out of it to justify all that time. it wasn't worth curtailing my social life, and it wasn't worth curtailing my time to relax, regain my sanity, and enjoy things that had nothing to do with the law. that goal of reclaiming that class rank i had lost so long ago in high school was a ridiculous idea, and completely irrelevant. i wasn't sixteen anymore...i was twenty-three. i had proven myself decently intelligent, and had no need to "avenge" anything. once i got that monkey off my back, i could see things more clearly, and i knew exactly what i had to do. to most law students, "time management" meant cutting out "extraneous" entertainments in order to make more time to study. to me, it meant the opposite. my entertainment, my pleasure was by no means extraneous, and as much as i loved [and still love] the law, i have always identified at least as strongly, if not more strongly, with things i choose to do in my free time than with whatever becomes my "day job" at any given point.

i realised, once i let go of the absurd kind of pressure that i was putting on myself, that heavy pressure to make law school my entire life had been coming from all directions: the demands of the professors, the admonitions of administration, and the culture of the students. it was pervasive, and intimately linked to competition. you either had to be studying all the time, or at least give people the impression that you were studying all the time, or else you were not taking law school or your career or your future seriously enough, and were an affront to the great institution of the law. it's a dangerous environment. it leads people to take that same mindset into the workplace with them, and risk becoming completely subsumed by their jobs. that's already a huge problem in the legal profession, and something tells me that if law students weren't constantly being mentally primed to sacrifice the pursuit of happiness in favour of a study carrel in law school, there's a possibility that these students, once lawyers, would be better equipped to balance their work life and their real life once they were out of law school.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


i can't focus today.

i've only done one subject...wills. granted, i've done quite a bit of work on wills, but i haven't done anything else.

oh yeah, and i also spent a little time flipping through the MPT workbook. [makes jerk-off hand motion]

i'm currently dying my hair [turquoise!], watching the white sox game, and playing on the computer. after i rinse the dye out, i really should do some more essays, or some MBE questions, or something productive.

seriously, the bar exam needs to be over. i've shoved as much knowledge into my brain as is going to fit. it's better that i just take the test, do what i can on it, and move on to far more awesome things like my move and my trip to new york.


in other unrelated news, i saw something completely awful and awesome. brandon inge is up to bat. he swung, missed, and his piece of gum fell out of his mouth. i was either completely imagining things, or i saw the umpire pick it up and throw it back at him.

the ump? i'll give you one guess.

yep. he's mediocre!


Friday, July 25, 2008

realisation of the day

shaph: oops, i messed up! i should have played that reverse, and have twenty fewer points. can you put an asterisk there? [points to score sheet]
me: [in my best darth vader voice] YOU NO CAN HAS ASTERISK!!!!! it's hard to sound imposing when you're speaking LOLcat.

*shakes a stick*

this post on metaquotes is one of the most fantastic things i've seen in a long time. in reference to a McCain presidency, someone snarked:

I, for one, am looking forward to Amendment Twenty Eight: No law shall be established which contravenes the right of lawn owners to assert their property rights with exhortations against the presence of youthful trespassers.

regardless of who is president, this would be the most awesome amendment ever.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


is it a good thing or a bad thing that i did well on the MBE questions i tried to do today while deliriously tired and passing in and out of sleep?

seriously, i wish the bar was tomorrow. hell, just give me the bar right now. i want to get it over with. i want to get back my life, without feeling the stress of waiting and waiting to take a test that means so much to me.

am i completely prepared for the bar? no. i'm feeling really good about the MBE, but i'm feeling really rotten still about the essay questions. but, i'm getting to the point that i'm so sick of waiting and waiting that my desire to get this test over with is overriding my abject fear of sitting for the essay portion of the test.


there's no use fighting it anymore: i'm getting sick.

this is not okay.


i can't focus on bar study for more than a few minutes at a time today. this is not good, as the test is in five days.


fun with televisions

exchange tonight at karaoke:

the_pending: why is it that the TVs across from me are the ones that keep going out?
me: [unable to contain my laughter] because i have a shiny new TV-B-Gone!
the_pending: what?
me: a TV-B-Gone! it's a universal remote that turns off TVs!
the_pending: you're kidding, right?
me: nope! [pulls out my keychain and shows off my shiny new toy]

it was so much fun playing with that thing at karaoke tonight and confusing people. it really was. took forever for the people at the bar to realise that the TVs were off and start turning them back on. i think it's officially my new favourite gadget.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


it's so hard to get back into the habit of studying my ass off after having been away this weekend. i managed to get quite a bit done tonight, but i still don't feel as confident as i'd like to feel just one week out. most topics i feel okay on, but wow, there are some that i'm convinced are total losses. [i'm talking to you, secured transactions...and really, anything involving hardcore usage of the uniform commercial code. i have a mental block about that.]

i'm not nearly as stressed about it as i was last week; i still maintain that it was a good idea to go to new york this weekend. even though most people would not agree with me, that taking a trip about a week before the bar is an awful idea, i think it made me a lot more relaxed and happy. it was hard to make myself study today, but i did it, and i'm feeling far less strung out and pissy than i was feeling last week. i swear, this weekend has everything to do with why that is.

alright, off to bed. it's early, not even midnight, but i'm sleepy already...a little tired from the weekend still, i guess. i intend to stay off of IRC, get a good night of sleep, and hit the books nice and hard tomorrow. i'll probably do more essay topics tomorrow...i MBE'd a lot last week, and there are still a few topics that i need to do and redo essays for. i'll probably go back to MBE stuff later this week, but i need to spend a lot more time on the essays. i'll never get that done unless i isolate myself from the MBE stuff--because, if given the choice, i'd rather just spend all my time on the MBE. it makes more sense to me than any of this essay junk.

teh funnies!

i woke up this morning to two pieces of utter hilarity in my inbox.

first, thanks to the mad jurist, i have seen the best piece of political campaign literature ever. there's a guy running for state legislature in Olathe, Kansas, just west of Kansas City. he's a thirty-something Democrat in an extremely Republican district who found the best way ever to publicize his candidacy to folks on the intertubes: a laugh-out-loud hilarious XKCD spoof. brilliant!

second, thanks to mashed potato, here's a little something that any of you law types--especially those of you taking the bar--will love. let's just say it's a brilliant little snark on the MBE, and our lives would be a lot easier if people took this advice to heart.

List of rants brought about by too many MBEs:

1. People who don't record their deeds:
Hey. Fuck face. That's a nice deed you got there. Went ahead and bought Stankacre, didya? That's awesome. Owning property is a sign of real maturity. Now, why don't you do us all a fucking favor, and go record the fucking deed.
Right. Fucking. Now.
Don't put it in a goddamn drawer. Don't go off to India for 20 years. Don't leave the deed in your will for dear cousin Victorianox.
Get your fat lazy ass down to the records office, and record it before I burn your goddamn house down.

2. Wily property sellers:
Here is a suggestion to those Bill of Rights violatin' petty thug ass clowns, the Police. How about you go down to Doucheacre, and arrest the son of a bitch who sells the same house to 15 different people, over and over. Im sick of this guy getting away every time he pulls this shit, and I'm left to sort out the fucking pieces.

3: "Known" arsonists:
Here's a little tip to all the cretins that keep hiring "known" arsonists to burn down their cheating girlfriend's house. Why is it, do you think, that he is a known arsonist, you dipshit. He's known because he has been fucking caught before. You don't know who the good arsonists are, do you? Because they have their shit together.
But no, you had to go hire Dusseldorf, or Durango, or whatever D word your fuckwit moron arsonist is named, and now he's gone and burned the wrong house, and left me with a BAR question.

4: People who back out of conspiracies:
Why don't you just stick with it and save us all some trouble, you pussy.

5. Power companies that leave an electric wire live to deter copper theft:
While I appreciate your effort to rid the world of thieves stupid enough to try and steal raw copper wiring that's fucking humming and has blue arcs dancing on it, it's just gonna bite you in the ass in the end. Just let the copper go.

6. Fertile Octogenarians:
I think I speak for all of us when I say........Burn the witch!
Burn her!
And don't use a "known" arsonist!

7. People who use anything more complicated than Fee Simple Absolute in a will:
Hey, old man. Either give Horatio your fucking interest in Scroteacre, or don't, alright? Don't condition it on him growing a mustache, or learning to play the calliope, or winning "Dancing with the Stars." Don't grant a springing executive interest to Zenobia if she manages to graduate from Ninja academy.
Stop making my life more complicated than it needs to be, you Narcissistic old twat, and stop trying to control your property from the grave in a vain attempt to make up for your feebleness in life.

8. House Painters:
Just paint the fucking house yourself, Paulson.
Trust me on this one. It's not worth it.

9. Bank Mortgages:
Hi there, First National Bank of South Calizonachussettsas. I don't mean to tell you how to run your business, but allow me to impart a bit of sage wisdom.
When someone :
1) named Defaultina McBankrupstein,
2) is taking out her 17th mortgage with you,
3) on a place called Mushacre
4) so she can buy a new hat,
do NOT fucking come crying to me when the inevitable judicial foreclosure sale nets $34, a button, and some lint, all of which are devoured by the banks that are 20 miles ahead of you in creditor line.
And do not ask me whether you are a junior or senior mortgagor, or whether your debt is secured, or some other bullshit I don't understand, because the answer is always the same:
D) You are Fucked. Take it like a man.

10. Wanna-be Burglars:
I am sick to death of these slackjawed melon-heads deciding at 2 a.m. that they need to borrow their neighbors wrench, and are sure he "won't mind" if they saunter on over there in the middle of the night, crowbar the garage open, smash open his tool chest, and "borrow it."
And then always the inevitable fucking:
Did he commit Larceny/Burglary/Robbery?????? Ohhhhh, no intent!
Let him go, boys. Let the man go.
So I can throw the wrench right at his goddamn teeth.

Good thing when we are really in practice we will have these Intent Goggles (c), that can magically tell us, despite every bit of evidence to the contrary, this jackass really didn't intend to commit a crime. He genuinely thought that breaking into your neighbor's house, stealing his car, taking a shit on his pool table, and sleeping with his wife were all part of the social covenants between good neighbors.

okay. off to study. sigh.

Monday, July 21, 2008

pictures from HOPE!

i promised i wouldn't write a blow-by-blow recap of HOPE...but that definitely doesn't mean i won't post pictures here. in fact, i'm going to do that right now. :D

murd0c and Rob T Firefly, clearly up to no good.

Rob T Firefly and i, on the train, saving the day by picking up the all-important CD-ROM with all the PLA panel material.

i promise I-Ball wasn't confused during his talk...i just find this picture entertaining.

PLA talk attendees, meet the happy hacker. happy hacker, scare the PLA talk attendees.

Rob T Firefly, I-Ball, and murd0c, concocting evil plans at the PLA talk.

presenting the entire PLA talk panel: Rob T Firefly, I-Ball, murd0c, and Sidepocket.

handl3r, wearing the official PLA Safety Dance Hat!

me and handl3r after the PLA talk.

handl3r and vixie.

Jammie and the cactus.

safety dance! [featuring c4bl3fl4m3 and Rob T Firefly.]

me, c4bl3fl4m3, and the cactus: the perfect threesome.


c4bl3fl4m3 as The Doctor.

RTF: the most awesome 1920s telco guy EVER.

the 2600 truck looks like a bell truck: shiny. it makes social engineering so damned easy.

fail: ticketing the 2600 truck. win: slapping a PLA sticker on that ticket.

ooooh, look at me. i'm jello biafra. i used to be cool, but now i'm old, i'm wearing an absurdly dorky t-shirt, and i'm ranting incoherently and alienating even people who agree with most of my political beliefs! look at me!

surfen multimedia at the closing ceremonies!

look at all these awesome people that helped make HOPE possible! :D

dorky mask: awesome. too bad it wasn't mine.

if this is not the most awesome shirt ever, i really don't know what is.

grey frequency and leia the bunny.

Vixie by everyone's favourite fake bell truck.

a chandelier in the Hotel Penn...sure, it has nothing to do with HOPE, really, i just thought it was a really cool chandelier so i took a picture of it.

alright, you've officially been inundated with pictures. still, that's not all i took; it's just the best of them. if you're interested in thumbing through the rest of my pictures from this weekend, they're all here. :)


this pearls before swine is funny in general...but i'm really only posting it for the first word balloon, because it's a phrase that has been said to me an absurd amount of times in the last five years.


the last [but not final!] HOPE...

i'm sitting in laguardia, waiting for my flight back to chicago.

i'm so tired, but it's the good kind of tired. i was at The Last HOPE all weekend...which really isn't the final HOPE at all; i'm boundlessly excited for The Next HOPE in summer 2010. it was my first hacker con ever, and it was amazing.

a blow-by-blow of the con would be a little nonsensical, and probably very boring everyone who is reading this. either you weren't there and you therefore don't care about the minutiae, or you were there and you lived through all of it with me...and my words will be a pretty poor substitute for your own memories. thus, i won't subject you to one.

still...the phone losers talk on saturday night was a blast. i spend way too much time on the web posting on the PLA forums, and in IRC chatting in #phonelosers, that it was great fun meeting some of the people from there in real life. that was my favourite part of the con...the people. i loved meeting these people and being able to put faces and personalities to what had been words and avatars and handles for so many months, and i loved meeting more people through them, or by just running into them. yes, i also attended several very interesting and very educational talks on phone phreaking, computer hacking, and other wonderfully geeky topics, but that wasn't the main excitement for me.

i had no idea what to expect, since i had never been to anything like that before. but, it was wonderful, and i fully expect to be attending many more hacker cons in the future.

Friday, July 18, 2008

caution, this voice is driving me insane

i am at midway, waiting for my flight to new york.

if i hear the phrase "caution, the moving walkway is now ending" one more time, i think i am going to hit someone.

my gate is right near one of those moving walkways. the moving walkway is broken, yet the morons at the airport have not shut down that stupid voice that says that every time anyone walks even vaguely near the sensor.

i don't have it in me to deal with this at seven o'clock in the morning. it's early, i'm sleep-deprived, and i just want to get to new york city so i can geek out all weekend.


screw the bar.

i'm going to HOPE this weekend.

maybe i'll blog from there. maybe i won't.

either way, see you monday.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

that's my stop!

i was slacking off...reading the redeye while waiting for the el to come this afternoon, instead of flipping through bar flash cards. in the CTA column today, it talked about who could possibly be the most awesome shirt vendor ever:

that's my stop.

you can order shirts for every single stop on every single line of the el. it's a fabulous idea. there are only two reasons i haven't ordered one already. firstly...i'm moving in two weeks, so i should not be ordering anything by mail until after the move.

secondly...what stop do i get? there are so many possibilities for this one...if they weren't renovating the Grand Red Line stop, that would be a slam-dunk. it was my favourite stop, so dark and dingy and old-school. but now that they're tiling it and brightening it up, i just don't get the same feeling from it anymore as i used to, and i haven't found another stop that i love with the fierceness with which i loved the Red Line's Grand stop. so, the candidates...
  • i could get Garfield Red Line, which was my stop from 2000-2005. i didn't live right off the stop, there was a bus transfer, but i sure have spent many late nights hanging around 55th and Dan Ryan waiting for CTA vehicles.
  • i could get Sox-35th, the stop for the Sox. i love the Sox, but that would be totally unoriginal, and i can sport my Sox love with my hat. my Sox love and my CTA love aren't quite so intertwined as to make that the right shirt to get.
  • i could get Thorndale Red Line, where i lived last summer. it's an out-of-the-way el stop, and i took a certain perverse pride in living so far from downtown last summer. i liked the neighbourhood quite a bit, too...lots of cute local places, and it was refreshingly close to Andersonville. however, my apartment was a hellhole, my landlord was a jackass, and i'll always have those bad associations very close to the front of my head when i think of the area.
  • i could get Montrose Brown Line or Damen Brown Line--the two stops i live near now. it would be a little absurd in the sense that i just moved here in May, and won't be living here anymore after the end of this month. but, i love the area. if i decide to go with this idea, i'd probably get Damen instead of Montrose. sure, Damen is currently closed and Montrose is currently open, so technically i only will have ever used the Damen stop when coming up to visit friends before November of 2007. but, i've always loved the sound of the name Damen.
  • i could get Southport Brown Line or Addison Red Line--the two stops i'll be living between come August 1. that would probably be the most truthful representation: the stop for my neighbourhood at the time i got the shirt. Southport Brown Line is tempting because i'm growing rather attached to the Brown's what i take now, and i love it. it also goes closer to work than the Red Line does, so i'll probably use that stop regularly to get to work. as for Addison Red Line, i'm torn. it is the stop to go to The Metro, and i've loved that place for years. however, it's also the stop for That Other Baseball Park, and i don't want my el shirt to fool people into thinking that i root for the wrong baseball team.
  • i could get Washington and Wells Brown Line--the stop where my workplace as of September is located. but, that would be associated with work, and i don't think i want my CTA shirt to refer to something so mundane and obligation-oriented.
the most likely candidates are the Southport Brown Line stop or the Damen Brown Line stop. if you can think of any others that would suit me, or have a good argument as to why even Southport or Damen would be More Awesome for me, let me know. i'll probably be ordering my shirt soon after the move, but this is a serious undertaking that requires careful thought and an inspection of all possible angles.

expensive gas. sweet.

this blog has been devoid of original content lately, i know. it has been full of comics and youtube videos and other procrastinatory aids. but, really...wouldn't you rather just see me share funny stuff i find elsewhere, instead of listening to me complain over and over and over again about how much studying for the bar sucks and about how little i care about stuff like consideration and security agreements and apparent authority?

in that spirit, have some diesel sweeties. metal steve is making a point that i've been trying to make for years upon years...and red robot is being a misanthropic asshat, as normal. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

bar rant

today is july 13th.

the bar is in two and a half weeks.

so. overwhelmed. it's like studying for about fifteen finals in one. i never know where to start or end. i just pick up random topics, and study them. pick up random stacks of flashcards i haven't looked at in a while, and study them. slices of the essay book i haven't looked at yet, mbe problem sets i haven't looked at name it.

so many rules to memorize, and i'm afraid that i still don't care enough yet about whether i know this stuff or not.

i thought applying for law school was the most demoralizing experience ever...1L OCI proved me wrong. i thought 1L OCI was the most demoralizing experience ever...the bar is proving me wrong.

seriously? how does EVERY LAWYER get through this hazing without jumping off a bridge?

Friday, July 11, 2008

attachment? what's that?

a meme, borrowed from hilary...


Your result for The Attachment Style Test...

The Player

15% Anxiety Over Abandonment and 67% Avoidance Of Intimacy

You are most comfortable without close emotional relationships. It is very important to you to feel independent and self-sufficient, and you hate the idea of having to depend on others or having others depend on you. The very few times you have fallen in love, it was probably with someone unattainable and disinterested. You know how to have a good time with your friends, but when it comes time to bare your deeper feelings, you tend to laugh nervously and change the subject.

Fictional character with whom you might identify: Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany's)

CaptainJackHarkness.jpg HollyGolightly.jpg

Other Attachment Types:
Secure: The Unicorn | The Cuddleslut | The Free Agent
Preoccupied: The Cling Wrap | The Squid | The Insect
Fearful: The Doormat | The Leper | The Exile
Dismissing: The Hermit | The Stone | The Player
Confused: The Waffler

Take The Attachment Style Test at HelloQuizzy


bar study has made me a little delinquent about keeping up with my favourite blogs.

i was catching up on above the law today, and noticed that yesterday, they linked to my facebook group about Jonathan Lee Riches ©.


and, what's also awesome? he's writing long lawsuits again! i wasn't quite as much of a fan of those paragraph-long ones he was writing by the beginning of 2008...i'm glad he's going back to his roots and doing the long, winding, crazy suits. apparently it's enron's fault that courts care at all about white collar crime, and therefore he's in the slammer. sure, i'm sure enron caused courts to crack down on corporate crime...but he wasn't embezzling or committing securities fraud. he was probably going to get busted anyway for massive identity theft.

i'm sure i should be reading barbri materials and not cracked-out lawsuits...but everyone needs a break, right?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

mood music

presenting...the official theme song for the 2008 bar exam:

"Violent Mood Swings"
by Stabbing Westward

you've left me with nothing left but questions
you left me here not knowing who i am
you've left me so much fucking time to hate you
you left me with no choice but to die

violent mood swings
violent mood swings
violent mood swings
violent mood swings

your voice whispers nearly all the time now
reminding me just how worthless i am
sometimes i just hear your laugh forever
i want you the fuck out of my head

violent mood swings
violent mood swings
violent mood swings
violent mood swings

you're inside my pain inside my sorrow
i die for one last moment inside you
i miss you so fucking bad i am you
so whose god will fucking save me now

violent mood swings
violent mood swings
violent mood swings
violent mood swings

put me out of my misery

these days of reviewing our mock multistate bar are awful, absolutely awful.

taking the mock test on monday wasn't as awful as i thought. yeah, being up early was terrible. i am not a morning person--that's why i signed up for the 1:30pm barbri section and not the 9am one. but, we all had to be here at 9am monday to take it. luckily, i'm about the fastest standardized test taker on the face of the earth, so i finished each half with about an hour to spare.

but yesterday and today...we're going over the answers.

it's not as if it's a total waste of my time. the teacher is pointing out some useful things that are helping me synthesize and remember rules. but, she's just so damned perky. i wanted to throw things at her after about five minutes yesterday, and my desire to do that increased when i realised that i was going to have to deal with fourteen hours of her yammering.

time is not healing this. after seven hours yesterday, i still wanted to smack her. after another hour and fifteen minutes today, it's still no better. at least we're back to normal--as in, 1:30 classes and a lecturer who is ostensibly not a squeaking, perky chick--tomorrow.

if you have a gun, a knife, whatever...please come put me out of my misery. if you don't have that or have some sort of reservation about killing a fellow person who desperately needs some relief, a cookie or a beer would be acceptable too.


i maed u a lolpuppeh...

...and i didn't eated it!

Monday, July 07, 2008

i don't want the 1-2-3!

foofy-attorney posted this piece from the new york times blog in his blog today. now, anyone who knows me the least bit well knows my less-than-favourable opinion of small children. but these kids? they're little, and they're already such transit geeks! not to mention, the art is hiliarious.

do i actually want to meet them? naaaahhh...not for a few years, since they're still, i'm sure, just as loud and annoying and obnoxious as every other kid out there. but would i get along swimmingly and be able to geek out with them years down the road? you bet.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


i will not take joy in this.
i will not take joy in this.
i will not take joy in this.
i will not take joy in this.
i will not take joy in this.
i will not take joy in this.
i will not take joy in this.
i will not take joy in this.
i will not take joy in this.
i will not take joy in this.

...and as much as i keep telling myself that, i can't help but take a little, kind of like when the likes of jerry falwell and strom thurmond kicked the bucket. good riddance, old jess.

as a persecuted crack smoker style eulogy, here's an acrostic poem i wrote about him when i was in eighth grade. [the fact that i still remember it by heart kind of scares me.]

Jeers and boos and complaining
Everywhere heard in the crowd i have brought
Silence found nowhere, everyone screaming for the
Single thing that we have all sought
Expressing our true blue view.

He has tried for my entire life
Excluding thirteen or so years before
Lobbying for lace-covered atom bombs
Marching america out truth and liberty's door
So now we try to save ourselves.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


a thread on fark just reminded me of this ad.

sometimes i love it, sometimes i hate it...but it always freaks me out just a bit. :D

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

cheez doodles

the nba draft was last week. we all know what that means, right?

that means there's a new draft video from the stephen a. smith heckling society of gentlemen!!!! :D i don't care a bit about the nba, but i do look forward to the draft now, because it means there will be new videos like this. it's especially entertaining because old SAS was demoted from the main group of basketball analysts, down to interviewing draft picks periodically. they mocked him for this mercilessly, of course.

and...kevin love was full of win, and totally in on the joke.

so...pop open a bag of delicious cheez doodles and enjoy some more sock puppet hilarity.