Friday, June 13, 2008

the wrong side of the bed

i got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. literally.

i woke up, and wanted to check what time it is. to visualise my bed takes up most of it, because my room's the size of a small closet. on one side of my bed is a wall with a window-ledge, and on the other side is my floor, which is mostly taken up by my computers, my printer, a bunch of wires...all my tech toys. i plug in my phone down there, obviously, because that's where my power strip is.

this morning, i was a little addle-brained. [who am i kidding? i'm always addle-brained when i wake.] i get up, turn around quickly and lean down to get my phone...

...and end up getting a faceful of window ledge.

that's right, i turned the wrong way.

it hurt. luckily, i missed my face connected with the window ledge a few millimetres above and to the right of my right eye. it hurt a lot, obviously, but i thought at first that the worst of it may be a bruise. not so started bleeding. profusely.

it's not bleeding anymore [much, anyway], but i do have this deep, centimetre-long gash over my right eye. it looks a lot more awful than it actually is, but i'm really not looking forward to spending the next week having people ask me why i have this huge cut over my right eye. nobody punched me, kicked me, hit me, or beat me up...i'm just the biggest klutz ever.

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