Monday, June 30, 2008


i had a super weekend if i may say so myself. not so productive on the whole bar studying front...but productive in other ways, which is perfectly fine with me at this point in time.

the apartment search is officially successful! we looked at...thirteen or fifteen places on saturday morning. we ended up picking out one in western hopefully i won't get my ass kicked for being a sox fan in wrigleyville, ha. we saw a few good ones and a lot of clunkers, but i'm happy with the one we chose. it's near the red and brown lines, near a lot of fun places to hang out, and in a safe area. the apartment itself is good...nice common space, in-building laundry, a dishwasher, and the crown jewel of amenities: CENTRAL AIR. :D the rent's the same as we're paying in lincoln square...although my personal share will be a bit more, since my bedroom will not be the size of a closet. we signed an intent form with the agents on saturday, and were officially informed today that we got the place. so...hunt over, we're moving on august 1st.

yesterday was pride. :D yeah, that doesn't qualify as productive, but it's always a lot of fun. sure, it was raining on and off, but it was only about 70 degrees--the coolest it's ever been for a pride celebration that i've been to. that was great, because i wasn't keeling over with heat exhaustion by the end of the day as i have some years. the parade was really long this year...and actually stopped for over an hour, because somewhere along the route some idiot tried to jump on a float...he failed, and got his leg run over by the float. but, it was a lot of fun to put on a snarky shirt and my pride beads, meet friends for brunch, go to the parade, and spend the day hanging out and enjoying one of the few holiday-like things that i can actually stand...and, in fact, affirmatively like.

after pride, i went home fairly early and finally finished that operating system install on my eee. i feel so's fully functional! i stuck with the stripped-down debian, to which i can add applications when i need them.

i also finally puzzled my way through something very, very useful yesterday--how to scan for and connect to different wireless networks using wireless-tools on the command line, instead of using some heavy, system-hogging gui [graphical user interface]. yeah, i know, it's a pretty trivial achievement if you've been using linux for any length of time, but it's pretty exciting to a noob like me. trying to figure this out on thursday night caused me to get so confused and frustrated that i screwed up the wireless past my ability to figure it out, and had to reinstall the operating i'm glad i got it right this time! it was a little hard to digest the information about how to do it, but once i figured it out, it's actually really easy. it's not as if i don't have a graphical interface on this box...i put xfce on it, and have at least got iceweasel [a firefox spinoff] in order to surf the web. but, the hard drive on this thing is so small that i want to do as much as possible with as few programs as possible...and doing my wireless scanning and connection using iwlist, iwconfig, etc. will involve downloading a lot less stuff on this box than using a graphical front-end to operate those programs.

so...all in all, a great weekend. i have a new apartment, pride was a blast, and my eee finally feels like my very own box now.

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