Saturday, June 21, 2008


i know, i've been delinquent on this.

i've been pretty busy this weekend. my friend megan is in town for the weekend, and we spent yesterday tooling around boys town. i bought several shiny objects: a bracelet made out of a record, a wallet that looks like a crossword puzzle, a pirate rubber ducky (bringing my collection of pirate ducks to four), a zombie rubber ducky (bringing my rubber ducky collection to eleven, i think...), some dungeons and dragons dice, some bi pride stickers for my computers, and three awesome new buttons for my purse strap:
  • it's not premarital sex if you're not planning on getting married.
  • stop breeding.
  • birds of a feather flock together (with a picture of some rainbow-coloured penguins--it's a gay penguin button, and as a result, it's the most adorable button on the face of the planet.)
last night was a late night...i was up at 6am yesterday, and i didn't go to sleep until after 3. after shopping, we went to dinner at 42 n. latitude, and then for a drink at the daily. while we were there, we got this great idea to walk up to the bowling alley and bowl a couple games. i didn't bowl well, but i bowled a lot better than i normally do when i'm attempting to bowl while inebriated.

today will feature more tooling around chicago...brunch at glenn's, maybe a trip to dave and buster's, and then some fun down in hyde park. i'm oddly excited about going back to hyde park, since i haven't been down there since the scavhunt a month and a half ago. i think we're going to get dinner at the snail, which makes me so happy. the snail is still my favourite thai place ever, and the thought of eating there again just sounds yummy.

finally...seeing this made my morning. it's a funny clip of a little wal-mart mischief...trev, you rock. <3

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