Saturday, June 28, 2008


sigh. it's eight fifteen in the morning, and i've been up for half an hour already. grrrrr. it's too early.

i have to go apartment hunting today. hopefully we'll find a place to move into. i want something nice...near the el, with central air and a room big enough to hold a bed AND a desk. i know, i demand a lot.


yesterday was awesome...a karmic reward for ditching barbri. i woke up for class yesterday, decided that i was too tired to go. [i had been at the casino until about 3am the night before...probably not the best thing to do on a night before class, but i made a killing at the poker table!] so, i turned off the alarm, rolled over, slept for a while, and got up later.

very soon after i got up, one of my friends told me she couldn't go to the sox/cubs game...and asked if i wanted her ticket. <3333 of course i did! had i gone to barbri, clearly i'd have never been able to find this out. so, karmic reward. i went to the game down at comiskey, and it was amazing. the crowd energy was just electric. i was sitting in section 526...way up high, but still right along the first-base line, so i could see everything. there were a few fans of That Other Chicago Team near me, but it was mostly sox fans. :) and...the sox won 10-3. the cubs were hapless, and the sox were on fire. aah, redemption...


my blogging script now posts on twitter that the posting is actually from my script, and not generally "from the web", if i try to post from it. this makes me inordinately happy.

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