Thursday, June 26, 2008

a new os on my new box?

i'm currently installing debian on my eee pc. it's has all of the drivers on it, but really not much else. this means that i'll have to decide exactly what programs to put on it.

this is kind of exciting, really. there are so few things i do on that computer that i don't need a whole lot on my limited hard drive space there. the xandros that it came with was...cluttered, so cluttered. this way, i can put programs on there on an as-needed basis. since i don't do a whole lot on there unless i'm SSHing into another box and using the programs on the other box, i'm thinking this will result in there being a lot less random useless crap on my computer.

hmmm...i may be going in over my head here. we'll see. it's still installing now, so i'm sure there will be more updates later as to how this latest linux mission goes.


p.s.: unrelated to computers, i just saw an ad for the new guitar hero game for nintendo ds. the song on the ad is "breed" by nirvana...i love that song, and it makes me happy to hear part of it on television. rock.


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