Saturday, June 14, 2008

infomercial wtf

you all know who billy mays is...he's the loud bearded guy who does all the ads and infomercials for oxyclean, zorbeez, kaboom, and all those other crappy home products. i was watching fox reality channel1, and you'll never guess what he's hawking now: health insurance.

i find something classless about a loud infomercial talking head hawking insurance. there are certain products that need to be marketed in a careful, classy manner...and insurance is one of them. there's a certain level of trust that you have to have in an insurance company, trust that i would never be able to put in a company that allows this guy to shill for them with brilliant phrases like:

"when i say affordable, i mean you can actually afford it!"

such a brilliant observation reminds me of the lyrical stylings of king wing, da stl baby daddy.2

1 that was my first mistake, i know.
2 whose site is back up, thank goodness.


Eric Allix Rogers said...

their URL just made me think "I can has health?"


There is no such thing as classy advertising for something that ought to come standard with citizenship.

nicolle said...

hahahaha...despite the fact that i say "i can has" on a regular basis, that hadn't crossed my mind.

and yes, i agree...advertising health insurance is tantamount to advertising something like free speech.