Tuesday, June 03, 2008

i suck.

i just saw that i have no barbri this friday...or this monday.

super double awesome SCORE.

sorry for the lack of posting lately...i just have so little to say right now. it's weird. it's not that life is bad...or even boring. i'm not spending nearly as much time studying as i should be, but it's not close enough to the test for me to care that much yet.



Brad Carter said...

It's because you're on Skype all the time!

Mad Jurist said...

You suck. I have barbri, not only Friday and Monday, but also all day Saturday.

nicolle said...


all the time? i'll have you know that tonight was the first time in five days or so that i have been on!


Mad Jurist:


but, didn't you just start this week? i started it last week. :P