Tuesday, June 03, 2008

i need a new umber-ella...ella...ella...hey...hey...hey

i left my Ginormous Vented Golf Umbrella in st. louis. this is proving to be an extremely stupid move.

it's pouring today...raining cats and dogs. it was only sprinkling when i left the apartment; i thought my cute little umbrella with the duck on the handle was going to be sufficient. i walked to the montrose brown line stop, hopped on the train, and did my usual cocktail of two parts text messaging for every one part barbri reading.

then i got off the train at quincy...deluge.

my umbrella covered my face and hair, but that was about it. my arms got soaked immediately. my feet got soaked. my bookbag, with all my books [although, luckily, not my computer--since i don't take it to barbri] got soaked. it was so bad that the idea of hailing a cab to take me the half a mile from the el station to my class sounded like a good idea.

of course, i didn't do that. that would have been wimpy. it would have been a colossal waste of money, and getting soaked like that is part of living in the city on rainy days.

but, i need to go shopping for another Ginormous Vented Golf Umbrella. whenever i carried it, people would rib me for carrying such a huge umbrella...but i'll be darned if it didn't keep me nice and dry.

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Eric Allix Rogers said...

Figures that I had a zillion errands to run all over Hyde Park today. I was hoping to beat the rain, but I spent nearly two hours at the damn doctor's office, so that didn't pan out. I got SOAKED!