Monday, June 30, 2008


i had a super weekend if i may say so myself. not so productive on the whole bar studying front...but productive in other ways, which is perfectly fine with me at this point in time.

the apartment search is officially successful! we looked at...thirteen or fifteen places on saturday morning. we ended up picking out one in western hopefully i won't get my ass kicked for being a sox fan in wrigleyville, ha. we saw a few good ones and a lot of clunkers, but i'm happy with the one we chose. it's near the red and brown lines, near a lot of fun places to hang out, and in a safe area. the apartment itself is good...nice common space, in-building laundry, a dishwasher, and the crown jewel of amenities: CENTRAL AIR. :D the rent's the same as we're paying in lincoln square...although my personal share will be a bit more, since my bedroom will not be the size of a closet. we signed an intent form with the agents on saturday, and were officially informed today that we got the place. so...hunt over, we're moving on august 1st.

yesterday was pride. :D yeah, that doesn't qualify as productive, but it's always a lot of fun. sure, it was raining on and off, but it was only about 70 degrees--the coolest it's ever been for a pride celebration that i've been to. that was great, because i wasn't keeling over with heat exhaustion by the end of the day as i have some years. the parade was really long this year...and actually stopped for over an hour, because somewhere along the route some idiot tried to jump on a float...he failed, and got his leg run over by the float. but, it was a lot of fun to put on a snarky shirt and my pride beads, meet friends for brunch, go to the parade, and spend the day hanging out and enjoying one of the few holiday-like things that i can actually stand...and, in fact, affirmatively like.

after pride, i went home fairly early and finally finished that operating system install on my eee. i feel so's fully functional! i stuck with the stripped-down debian, to which i can add applications when i need them.

i also finally puzzled my way through something very, very useful yesterday--how to scan for and connect to different wireless networks using wireless-tools on the command line, instead of using some heavy, system-hogging gui [graphical user interface]. yeah, i know, it's a pretty trivial achievement if you've been using linux for any length of time, but it's pretty exciting to a noob like me. trying to figure this out on thursday night caused me to get so confused and frustrated that i screwed up the wireless past my ability to figure it out, and had to reinstall the operating i'm glad i got it right this time! it was a little hard to digest the information about how to do it, but once i figured it out, it's actually really easy. it's not as if i don't have a graphical interface on this box...i put xfce on it, and have at least got iceweasel [a firefox spinoff] in order to surf the web. but, the hard drive on this thing is so small that i want to do as much as possible with as few programs as possible...and doing my wireless scanning and connection using iwlist, iwconfig, etc. will involve downloading a lot less stuff on this box than using a graphical front-end to operate those programs.

so...all in all, a great weekend. i have a new apartment, pride was a blast, and my eee finally feels like my very own box now.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


sigh. it's eight fifteen in the morning, and i've been up for half an hour already. grrrrr. it's too early.

i have to go apartment hunting today. hopefully we'll find a place to move into. i want something nice...near the el, with central air and a room big enough to hold a bed AND a desk. i know, i demand a lot.


yesterday was awesome...a karmic reward for ditching barbri. i woke up for class yesterday, decided that i was too tired to go. [i had been at the casino until about 3am the night before...probably not the best thing to do on a night before class, but i made a killing at the poker table!] so, i turned off the alarm, rolled over, slept for a while, and got up later.

very soon after i got up, one of my friends told me she couldn't go to the sox/cubs game...and asked if i wanted her ticket. <3333 of course i did! had i gone to barbri, clearly i'd have never been able to find this out. so, karmic reward. i went to the game down at comiskey, and it was amazing. the crowd energy was just electric. i was sitting in section 526...way up high, but still right along the first-base line, so i could see everything. there were a few fans of That Other Chicago Team near me, but it was mostly sox fans. :) and...the sox won 10-3. the cubs were hapless, and the sox were on fire. aah, redemption...


my blogging script now posts on twitter that the posting is actually from my script, and not generally "from the web", if i try to post from it. this makes me inordinately happy.

Friday, June 27, 2008

nicky for dummies

borrowed from hilary

You know how sometimes people on your friend's list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when are they working THERE? Since when are they dating HIM/HER? since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you *should* already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

First name: nicolle...although i generally go by nicky. i've gone by nicky since the age of ten, because having people pronounce it "nicole" instead of "nee-kull" has always driven me nuts. another tidbit about my's not capitalised. i made that decision about ten years ago, and still don't honestly see the point about capitalising my name. it's just like any other common noun...on top of my bed right now are some pillows, some books, a computer, and a nicky.

Age: twenty-five

Location: chicago, illinois...more specifically, the ravenswood/lincoln square area.

Occupation: studying for the bar exam. i take the bar next month [july 29-30], get to bum around for a month, and then start work at a law firm downtown [which shall remain nameless here, for very obvious reasons!] around labour day.

Partner(s): none. i still really, really don't want to be in anything serious or committed. the idea turns my stomach. i'm fine with dating casually, flirting [or more] with random people along the way, but i love the freedom that being single gives me and i have no desire to give that up.

Kids: none, ever. i hate children. some people have the patience and desire to deal with squirmy youngsters who will scream, cry, and wake you up before noon on a weekend. not me. as soon as i'm employed, i'm finding a doctor who will sterlize me, and that will be that.

Pets: none, for the time being. eventually, i'll probably get a pet...probably a cat, because my lifestyle is far more conducive to cats and not dogs. but, i'm still not home enough to take proper care of a cat at this point in my life, and if i'm going to get a pet, it's not going to be until i'm confident i can take proper care of my pet.

School: brentwood elementary [1988-1993], east millbrook middle [1993-1996], millbrook high [1996-2000], university of chicago [2000-2004, bachelor's degree in political science], washington university in st. louis [2005-2008, juris doctor]. done with school forever now, and i couldn't be happier about that fact.

Siblings: Danielle is 24 and lives in north carolina. Forrest is 23 and lives in idaho. Jonathon is 21, and also lives in idaho.

Parents: my mother lives in idaho. i talk to her occasionally. my father lived in tennessee as last i heard, but i cut him out of my life about four and a half years ago and don't regret it one bit--i only wish i had done so sooner, since it would have saved me a lot of stress and heartache.

Health: really nothing interesting or noteworthy on that front.

3-5 Biggest Things Going On Right Now:

  1. i'm studying for the bar exam. it blows, and i complain about it a lot. i'm scared to death of failing, since i failed the ethics portion of the bar the first time, and i seem to have a penchant for doing poorly on things at my first attempt, and not getting it right until the second try. hopefully i'll pass the bar, but i'm really not optimistic about it.
  2. i just moved back to chicago last month, but my roommates [kevin and phil] and i are going to have to move at the end of july--right after my bar exam. the landlord wants to jack up the rent another $200 a month for an apartment that is already more expensive than most similar places in the area, and we're not going to stand for that. we were going to sign a lease a few days ago on another place we found, but people swooped in and signed leases on it before we could. we're going apartment hunting tomorrow, and hopefully will be able to find a good, reasonably-priced place near lincoln square. i'm kind of excited about a new bedroom here is itty-bitty, and getting to be too small for me, my bed, and all my computer stuff. having a bedroom big enough for a desk will be great. also, the current place does not have central air, and i'm sweltering. any new place we rent had better have central air.
  3. my life is surprisingly boring...those are really the only two interesting things going on. it's not like i'm bored--i'm going out in town a lot, singing karaoke, hanging out with my friends, walking around and taking in the excitement that is the city of chicago. but, i don't have any other big things going on in my life, just the day to day ritual of barbri and finding new and exciting ways to avoid it for the time being.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

a new os on my new box?

i'm currently installing debian on my eee pc. it's has all of the drivers on it, but really not much else. this means that i'll have to decide exactly what programs to put on it.

this is kind of exciting, really. there are so few things i do on that computer that i don't need a whole lot on my limited hard drive space there. the xandros that it came with was...cluttered, so cluttered. this way, i can put programs on there on an as-needed basis. since i don't do a whole lot on there unless i'm SSHing into another box and using the programs on the other box, i'm thinking this will result in there being a lot less random useless crap on my computer.

hmmm...i may be going in over my head here. we'll see. it's still installing now, so i'm sure there will be more updates later as to how this latest linux mission goes.


p.s.: unrelated to computers, i just saw an ad for the new guitar hero game for nintendo ds. the song on the ad is "breed" by nirvana...i love that song, and it makes me happy to hear part of it on television. rock.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

good news, bad news.

it's time for another installment of good news, bad news!

good news:
  • i outlined a bunch of barbri essays today, and i apparently really rock at family law and illinois civil procedure.
  • my blogging script is going well. the twitter functionality is up, and it even has some error handling! it doesn't have all of the error handling that i want, but it has all that i know how to code right now, and it works to post to the website, or reject the post if it's too long.

bad news:
  • i outlined a bunch of barbri essays today, and i apparently really blow at equity and secured transactions.
  • my. hairline. is. receding. my. hairline. is. receding. i'm. too. young. for. that. i. thought. that. was. supposed. to. start. in. my. thirties. i'm. only. twenty. five. my. hairline. is. receding.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


i'm not sure how i feel about what happened at best buy today.

i was at best buy to pick up an external dvd-rom drive for my eee. i had been trying to install a new OS on that box using either a USB or an SD, and all of those attempts had been colossal failures. so, i decided to break down, pony up the cash, and get an external dvd-rom drive. that way, i can install a new OS from a cd, as well as use files on cds and dvds from that computer. it's a good thing to have if i've got a box that's too small to have an internal drive.

in the computer drives aisle, i ran into a lady, probably in her forties or fifties, who was showing her eee to one of the employees. i felt like making conversation, so i started talking to her about how i had just gotten one, and about how much i like mine. we talked a bit about that, and then she started asking me if i knew a couple of things about it. they were things that were trivial for even a nascent computer geek like me, but were difficult and confusing for someone like her, who clearly did not know any more about computers than how to turn it on, how look at pictures, how to send e-mail, and the fact that windows vista is full of fail.

i started to answer her question, and the best buy employee butted in to try and answer it. that was perfectly understandable--i was just some blue-haired jackass hanging out in the aisle, and he was being paid to help the customers. she turned to him and snapped, "she's a woman. she'll be able to put it in a way i can understand."

that was strange to hear, and it kind of rubbed me the wrong way. regardless, i kept answering her questions...which was a difficult task, since she was so clueless about computers that she didn't even know what an "application" was. i tried to provide thorough answers, because her questions were extremely broad and complicated, and she had no idea what she was talking about. i eventually conveyed what she needed, but it was kind of hard to put it in a way that she understood.

i really don't know what she meant by that woman line, though. did she just mean something innocent, like she relates better to women? did she think women explained things better than men? was she insinuating that everything that the man was saying was going over her head, and that because i'm a woman, i'm more likely to gloss over the technical details of her questions--technical details so relevant to her questions that if i omitted at least a simple discussion of the background on them, my answers would make no sense at all.

maybe i'm being overly sensitive. part of it tells me i am. but, this still leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Monday, June 23, 2008

absurdist rap

shaquille o'neal's attempts to rap are entertaining...and, thanks to awesome or not awesome, i've seen quite possibly his most hilarious attempt ever. he wanted to rag on Kobe for losing the NBA finals, and this was what came out of his mouth?

really, i hope i can never tell Kobe, or anyone else, that.


barbri is seriously getting on my last nerves. i'm losing the motivation to show up for these classes every day. i'm still going, because blah blah blah, i'll fail the bar if i don't, blah blah blah, but i really don't know how i'm ever going to learn all this junk and bullshit my way through an entire day of essay questions.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


i've been trying to teach myself more about computer programming, but one of the hurdles is that i haven't been able to think of anything interesting that my computer does, that i wish it would do. that always makes it easier to give myself direction. it's all a bunch of commands and features, but if i can't apply it to making my computer do something that is cool or interesting, then it's hard for me to synthesize the information, use it, and make it stick.

i think i just came up with a project. it's definitely nothing new or groundbreaking [i'm sure someone has written something like this before], but i have a project that interests me, and would make something that i do on the computer anyway just a little easier to do. i'm going to write a shell script that makes blog posts. it's still in the flowcharting stage, and will require gaining some familiarity with the APIs of the sites that i like to use, but this seems like a fairly good project for me to get used to scripting. twitter will be the easiest, so i'll write that one first...blogger will probably come next, and then livejournal [since the options on that seem to be the most complicated]. who knows, i may add some other functions later, but that's plenty to start with--and those are the three sites i like to post updates on most frequently, so it only makes sense that a program i write for my own personal amusement will start with them.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


i know, i've been delinquent on this.

i've been pretty busy this weekend. my friend megan is in town for the weekend, and we spent yesterday tooling around boys town. i bought several shiny objects: a bracelet made out of a record, a wallet that looks like a crossword puzzle, a pirate rubber ducky (bringing my collection of pirate ducks to four), a zombie rubber ducky (bringing my rubber ducky collection to eleven, i think...), some dungeons and dragons dice, some bi pride stickers for my computers, and three awesome new buttons for my purse strap:
  • it's not premarital sex if you're not planning on getting married.
  • stop breeding.
  • birds of a feather flock together (with a picture of some rainbow-coloured penguins--it's a gay penguin button, and as a result, it's the most adorable button on the face of the planet.)
last night was a late night...i was up at 6am yesterday, and i didn't go to sleep until after 3. after shopping, we went to dinner at 42 n. latitude, and then for a drink at the daily. while we were there, we got this great idea to walk up to the bowling alley and bowl a couple games. i didn't bowl well, but i bowled a lot better than i normally do when i'm attempting to bowl while inebriated.

today will feature more tooling around chicago...brunch at glenn's, maybe a trip to dave and buster's, and then some fun down in hyde park. i'm oddly excited about going back to hyde park, since i haven't been down there since the scavhunt a month and a half ago. i think we're going to get dinner at the snail, which makes me so happy. the snail is still my favourite thai place ever, and the thought of eating there again just sounds yummy.

finally...seeing this made my morning. it's a funny clip of a little wal-mart mischief...trev, you rock. <3

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

me? get a law license? you're funny.

i'm officially fucked on the bar exam.

fucked, as in going to fail the bar fucked.

i can't sign up to use the laptop. there are apparently a very limited number of laptop slots for the bar, and they are all full.

this means i have to handwrite my essays. since i am the slowest handwriter on the face of the earth, and the way i think is so nonlinear that i can't really write one essay, in order, without jumping from point to point and back.

this is not good...really, really, really not good. fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck.


life is good. megan is coming to town to visit me for the weekend...i will show her around chicago, and trouble will be caused.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

out late

i love the hidden cove.

i went there last night for the first time since i moved back to the city. it's a karaoke dive on lincoln, just north of berwyn. i had never been there on a weekend before, so i didn't know how busy it was going to be. i knew on the weekdays that it was always pretty dead, which is fantastic because i get to sing a lot. it wasn't dead last night...but definitely wasn't packed either. i got to sing six or seven songs, which is great for a karaoke joint on a saturday night.

i love that bar.1 it's a total dive. the sign out front has a cheesy old palm tree on it, and the inside doesn't have a lot of frills. karaoke is its raison d'ĂȘtre...that's what you go there to do, drink beer and sing karaoke. [or, if you're not of the singing drink beer and giggle at people who are singing karaoke.]

i wasn't originally planning to close the place out. i went there alone, just to get out of the house, read a book, and sing a few songs. but, one of my friends called me about half an hour after i got to the bar, and so he and his girlfriend came by. that was a lot of fun...and we ended up staying there until around 4am, when it closed.

the walk home was fantastic. i hadn't done a true Long Late Night Walk Home in a long time. i walked with my friends as far as foster and damen, and then turned down damen to walk the last mile home alone. that walk down damen was gorgeous. there was almost no one out. i saw one or two walkers, and one or two cars the entire way. that was it. other than that, it was just me and the trees, the parks, the buildings...just me and the city. the weather was perfect...not hot, not humid, just breezy and dark--but not pitch dark, since it was late enough that the sun was just starting to shed that first bit of light before actually peeping over the horizon.

i need to do this more often.

1 if you live in chicago or are coming through sometime, i will take you to this bar. you must experience it.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

infomercial wtf

you all know who billy mays is...he's the loud bearded guy who does all the ads and infomercials for oxyclean, zorbeez, kaboom, and all those other crappy home products. i was watching fox reality channel1, and you'll never guess what he's hawking now: health insurance.

i find something classless about a loud infomercial talking head hawking insurance. there are certain products that need to be marketed in a careful, classy manner...and insurance is one of them. there's a certain level of trust that you have to have in an insurance company, trust that i would never be able to put in a company that allows this guy to shill for them with brilliant phrases like:

"when i say affordable, i mean you can actually afford it!"

such a brilliant observation reminds me of the lyrical stylings of king wing, da stl baby daddy.2

1 that was my first mistake, i know.
2 whose site is back up, thank goodness.

Friday, June 13, 2008

contracts crash course

as much as i hate barbri, and as much as i hate contract law, the guy giving our lecture: David Epstein, from Southern Methodist, is an awesome, hilarious lecturer. not only are some of his hypotheticals [which i'll post later, when i have the book in front of me] are downright hysterical. today, he was discussing why a writing saying that one guy would do one thing was insufficient to memorialize a contract under the statute of frauds. in order to explain that both parties' names and oblications must be on there, he stated:

"there is no masturbation in contract law. there are always two people."

now you'll never forget that there must be at least two parties obligated under a contract. i sure won't.

the wrong side of the bed

i got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. literally.

i woke up, and wanted to check what time it is. to visualise my bed takes up most of it, because my room's the size of a small closet. on one side of my bed is a wall with a window-ledge, and on the other side is my floor, which is mostly taken up by my computers, my printer, a bunch of wires...all my tech toys. i plug in my phone down there, obviously, because that's where my power strip is.

this morning, i was a little addle-brained. [who am i kidding? i'm always addle-brained when i wake.] i get up, turn around quickly and lean down to get my phone...

...and end up getting a faceful of window ledge.

that's right, i turned the wrong way.

it hurt. luckily, i missed my face connected with the window ledge a few millimetres above and to the right of my right eye. it hurt a lot, obviously, but i thought at first that the worst of it may be a bruise. not so started bleeding. profusely.

it's not bleeding anymore [much, anyway], but i do have this deep, centimetre-long gash over my right eye. it looks a lot more awful than it actually is, but i'm really not looking forward to spending the next week having people ask me why i have this huge cut over my right eye. nobody punched me, kicked me, hit me, or beat me up...i'm just the biggest klutz ever.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

i'd make a terrible wifey.


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

a negative forty? i'm the worst wife ever...and proud of it!


it's so weird...i am far more productive when i ditch barbri than when i go.

if i go, the lecture fries my brain to the point that i can't do any more studying after i leave.

if i don't, i always feel bad that i didn't i always grab my practice questions book, take it to a coffee shop, and do practice problems.

i need to ditch barbri more often.


dear fed jur,
clearly i fail at you. :(
no love,

Sunday, June 08, 2008

music meme

a. reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
b. list (and upload, if you feel like it) 5-10 songs that start with that letter.
c. post that to your journal with these instructions.

tagged by yumemisama for "g".
  1. "garden" by 39 reasons
  2. "gas hed goes west" by live
  3. "get famous" by kill hannah
  4. "get it faster" by jimmy eat world
  5. "get over" by the marvelous 3
  6. "gingerbread knocked me out" by wesley willis
  7. "go away" by cold
  8. "god of wine" by third eye blind
  9. "greenhorn" by lexy
  10. "guestbook" by ratbag hero


i have successfully set up my main laptop as an SSH server! this is awesome, as it means that i can remotely connect to it from elsewhere, from either my shiny new eee or any other box i happen to be playing on.

i win!

i know this is trivial stuff for you linux superusers out there, but it's super exciting to a narb like me. :D

computer store fail

i dealt with the dumbest computer sales associate ever today.

i was at microcenter, and one of the managers was talking to me about the eee pc. for those of you who don't know, the eee pc is a small subnotebook--in fact, tiny. it's got a small hard drive, and it's good for either people who don't do much other than websurfing and email...or if you want a secondary or tertiary computer to take around with you. this is why i got it. my laptop is large. it's great for using at home, or carrying in a big bookbag when i don't have too much other stuff in it, but it's not light, and it's not something i can carry around in even my big tote bag if there happens to be ANYTHING else in there. most of what i would ever want to do on a computer on the go...i can either do with a few programs that i can install on the eee, or i can remotely log onto my big laptop and do it from there.

one of the most interesting things about it is that there is a version with a linux distribution, a version of xandros, right out of the box. i got the linux version...i'm not keeping it on there, i'm probably switching to either eeexubuntu or pupeee as soon as i get a memory stick [tomorrow, haha], but all that matters to show why the computer sales associate is a moron is that the computer came standard with linux.

i asked him if they had it in stock, and he brought me one. he starts trying to sell me everything else in sight, of course. that i'm used to from a computer salesman. then, he said the following:

"all you're planning on doing on this computer is surfing the web, right? it doesn't do anything else. it comes with linux on it--so you can't do anything else."


i was floored.

first off, what kind of computer salesman says a computer does nothing AFTER he already went and grabbed it from stock?! a good computer salesman, if he wants to upsell, will do it from the outset, when the customer first expresses interest in a lower-end box. they tell quickly whether the customer is knowledgeable and/or unflappable, or whether they're susceptible to pressure to buy something shinier. that's common sense.

but, there was something even more ridiculous in what he said.

it's true...there is a limited range of stuff you can do on that computer. you can't do sophisticated gaming, multimedia work, or anything that requires things like a superfast processor, a ton of RAM, or a fantastic video card. it's best for websurfing, email, openoffice, and fun text-based things that can be done by ssh-ing into your other box. the windows version of the eee has the same limitations. part of me wanted to whack him over the head with my main laptop, a very capable ubuntu box...but, of course, i didn't have it with me and i would not want to risk breaking bukkit.

[yes. i named my computer bukkit. i will probably name my eee something related.]

i had two choices...try to explain to this idiot that he was completely wrong, and that he had the reason the computer's functionality was limited completely messed up, or i could just tell him to let me buy the computer i wanted, and leave it at that.

i didn't feel like arguing with him. i would gain nothing getting in a squabble with this guy, and i doubted a tongue-lashing from some weird blue-haired chick would do much to convince this guy that he was a total moron. so, i did the latter...took my computer, seethed, checked out, and called it a day.

but, advice to anyone who walks into a microcenter? they have a lot of shiny, fun stuff in there, but beware the idiotic salesman. know what you want before you walk in there, or go in with someone who knows about what you're looking for. if they've got managers who,in the year 2008, are silly enough to think that a computer is completely crippled because it runs linux out of the box, i shudder to think what other misconceptions they have about computers.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Thursday, June 05, 2008

karaoke overanalysis

usually when i sing karaoke, i start with a warm-up song. i start with something easy...something that doesn't have a large range, something that will allow me to get my vocal cords working, figure out what kind of voice i'm in for the day, and whether i'm up for anything particularly ambitious later that night. it's for the sake of my comfort, my confidence, and the ears of everyone in the bar that night.

last night i broke this rule. never again.

i started with "i will always love you" by whitney houston. that's something i sing at karaoke a's schmaltzy and stupid, but extremely fun to sing. it's also not a particularly easy song, and requires my voice to be warmed up. i eschewed that warm-up...i was just so in the mood to sing that song that i put it in first.

i start singing it, and a few notes in, i feel that my voice isn't up to it. not only was i not warmed up, but i was in awful voice last night. notes i can usually hit easily were croaking badly. i was already up there, already i kept doing it, kept trying, and put on a happy face. usually, i can at least limp all the way through any song i choose. i don't stop. i keep singing, and stuff comes out.

during the first chorus [not even the dramatic part!], my voice just died. it strained badly [sounding approximately like a cross between nails on a chalkboard and the worst american idol audition you can fathom], finally just cracked...and i lost it.

i stopped singing and loudly uttered a curse word to the amusement of the crowd.

things went better after that. it wasn't my best rendition, but at least the pressure i had put on myself not to suck had been relieved, since i had already made the ultimate fool of myself. i made it through and finished the song with a minimum of strain, and without any more cracks in my voice.

i'm never singing that song first's back to my old policy, the one from which i never should have deviated. i'm testing my voice, and only singing it if i'm in at least half-decent voice.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


two weeks later, and my boxes have finally arrived.

all ten of them.

thank goodness.

barbri fail

i was on AIM bitching to my [non-law] friend about Barbri, and she made the best description of it ever:

me: i am at lecture until five thirty. sigh.
her: 5:30?!? good god woman!
me: it's an extra long one today. full of fail.
her: that's beyond fail. that's like breaking your failbone while you row your failboat out of failtown, while wearing a failhat and drinking fail-flavored tea.

i couldn't have said it better myself, n3gs. <3

emo and hats are not mutually exclusive.

i <3 today's xkcd.

[and check out the hovertext. seriously, it makes it.]

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

an end, finally.

enough said. :D

i need a new umber-ella...ella...ella...hey...hey...hey

i left my Ginormous Vented Golf Umbrella in st. louis. this is proving to be an extremely stupid move.

it's pouring today...raining cats and dogs. it was only sprinkling when i left the apartment; i thought my cute little umbrella with the duck on the handle was going to be sufficient. i walked to the montrose brown line stop, hopped on the train, and did my usual cocktail of two parts text messaging for every one part barbri reading.

then i got off the train at quincy...deluge.

my umbrella covered my face and hair, but that was about it. my arms got soaked immediately. my feet got soaked. my bookbag, with all my books [although, luckily, not my computer--since i don't take it to barbri] got soaked. it was so bad that the idea of hailing a cab to take me the half a mile from the el station to my class sounded like a good idea.

of course, i didn't do that. that would have been wimpy. it would have been a colossal waste of money, and getting soaked like that is part of living in the city on rainy days.

but, i need to go shopping for another Ginormous Vented Golf Umbrella. whenever i carried it, people would rib me for carrying such a huge umbrella...but i'll be darned if it didn't keep me nice and dry.

i suck.

i just saw that i have no barbri this friday...or this monday.

super double awesome SCORE.

sorry for the lack of posting lately...i just have so little to say right now. it's weird. it's not that life is bad...or even boring. i'm not spending nearly as much time studying as i should be, but it's not close enough to the test for me to care that much yet.