Tuesday, May 27, 2008

there is HOPE after all.

i don't know who other than the PLA folks would find this interesting...but it's final--i'm going to The Last HOPE on July 18-20. i've got my conference ticket, my plane ticket, and three nights in the Hotel Pennsylvania! i arrive in NYC just after noon on the 18th, and leave NYC around 7 on the 21st. :D

i'm so jazzed about the RFID game...apparently the first 1500 conference registrants [which includes me...squee!!!] will have RFID chips in their badges, and people will be able to track other attendees, see where they are, try to circumvent or fool the RFID tracking...clearly, i'm going to have to learn more about RFID between now and then so i can take full advantage of this game.

[side note--the conference ends on the 20th, so if you aren't interested in hanging around a bunch of hackers and technogeeks all weekend but still want to see me, we can meet for lunch or coffee or something on the 21st!]


Brad Carter said...

Congrats! Wish I could make it, but I'll be taking other trips during Hope. Don't forget to heckle the PLA panel guys.

nicolle said...

have fun on your trips...wish you could make it, though!

don't worry...there will be heckling. much heckling. :D